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Whip Up a Treat with Will Torrent

If you are looking to impress your friends and family this Christmas, why not whip up a treat and serve a great British trifle with a modern twist.

Developed by Will Torrent, award-winning patissier and rising celebrity chef, we have a truly delicious recipe for this festive-favourite that is sure to excite everyone’s tastebuds.

Will’s recipe includes a few shortcuts for the time conscious but he enriches this classic dessert using quality ingredients for a truly luxurious taste. The modern twist includes mouth-watering white chocolate, vanilla custard, fresh berries and glazed meringue.

“The secret behind a really delicious dessert is the ingredients” says Will, “I use the best I can buy in order to guarantee great results. Nielsen-Massey’s Vanilla Bean Paste not only looks good, it adds depth of flavour to all types of dishes, and is so convenient too”.

With over a century of experience, Nielsen-Massey produces a vanilla that is arguably the best in the world. The family company uses an exclusive cold extraction process to extract the vanilla from carefully selected pods. The range includes pure Madagascan Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Paste. A welcome addition to every kitchen cupboard, the bean paste is a high-quality, convenient and economical replacement to vanilla pods.

Want to impress your guests with Will Torrent’s British Trifle? Get the full recipe here.

Deck the Halls!

Edible Christmas DecorationsThere’s nothing quite like decorating your home at Christmas to get you into the festive spirit, but have you ever tried baking your own edible decorations?

Refreshingly easy to make,  homemade decorations are a wonderful way to express your creativity and are great for keeping the little ones busy too. So why not gather the whole family together and get everyone involved. It’s guaranteed to be hours of fun and a great talking point for all your Christmas guests.

So go on make your home look good enough to eat with one of our favourite recipes for edible Christmas decorations

Christmas Countdown

It’s that time of year again! The Christmas lights have been lit, everyone is starting to say “I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas” and the baking extravaganza is about to begin.


We’d thought we’d help you out by creating a Christmas countdown calendar, which you can download for free, to help you plan out your most perfect Christmas yet. Filled with inspiring recipe and homemade gifts ideas (not to mention the all-important dates you can’t afford to miss) we hope this helps you have a very Merry Christmas.

Click here to download: http://bakingmad.com/downloads/xmas_countdown.pdf

Enjoy x

Stir Up Sunday- 20th November

Stir Up Sunday
For us home bakers, Stir Up Sunday, is probably one of the best parts of the whole festive season.

Traditionally the day to begin preparing your Christmas cake or pudding, Stir Up Sunday always falls on the last Sunday before advent- which this year is the 20th November.

For many the delicious aromas which float through the house as you begin soaking your fruit mark the beginning of the festivities.

The customs surrounding Stir Up Sunday bring the whole family together as each takes a turn to stir the mixture and make a wish and even add coins- the finding of them on Christmas day traditionally bringing wealth, health and happiness! (So long as you don’t manage to swallow the thing!)

Here at Baking Mad we believe the perfect Christmas cake or pudding should be dense, moist and oozing decadence. To achieve this we recommend using only the very best quality ingredients.

For an extra impressive Christmas pud, choose Billington’s Molasses Sugar. The ultimate soft brown sugar, Billington’s Mollasses is packed full of natural cane molasses making it deep in colour and rich in taste. Perfect!

And for the superior Christmas cake taste why not add Billington’s Unrefined Light Muscovado Sugar to your shopping basket. Recommended by Good Housekeeping, this sugar is the world’s finest. It’s richness and depth of flavour is unmatched.

Happy Stir Up Sunday everyone!