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Celebrate Bonfire Night with a Bang

Toffee ApplesA chill in the air can only mean one thing, winter is well and truly on its way!

After the excitement of Halloween, we’re already looking forward to celebrating Bonfire night. And what bonfire night would be complete without a delicious, chewy toffee apple?

Best enjoyed with a fireworks display and a group of friends, the traditional toffee apple has become an integral part of November 5th festivities. If like us, you’re a stickler for good old-fashioned tradition, why not give our classic toffee apple recipe a bash. Really easy to follow, this family-friendly recipe is so much fun to make so why not make a batch and personalise them with Silver Spoon sprinkles? Add a cellophane wrap and a pretty ribbon for the finishing touches and voilà- a tasty seasonal gift to share with friends beside the bonfire!

And after you head home, how about warming up with our delicious churros? Churros are a deep fried sweet pastry which taste great when cooked fresh, dusted with a little sugar and served straight away. A truly decadent delight, our churros are best devoured with a cup of frothy hot chocolate- the perfect way to warm up after a night out in the cold. Just don’t forget to dip and dunk!