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Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes.

Shrove Tuesday is a day we look forward to in the Baking Mad Kitchen. Not only are pancakes so easy to make, but they are also so versatile.

If you are board with traditional flavours and want to show a little we have the perfect serving suggestions just for you.

Do something different this year for Shrove Tuesday!!

Why not try squeezing some fresh lemon and sprinkling some Golden Caster on your pancakes? Or even Unrefined Demerara for a bit a crunch. It’s perfect with some berries or chopped apple.

If you like fudgey flavours Light Muscovado is a must for the ulimate indulgence in gooey yummy pancakes.

For a basic pancake recipe that is easy yet perfect for adding all you fabulous flavours, please click here. Alternatively, if you fancy some American Pancakes click here for an easy to follow recipe.

Good luck with your pancakes!

Fairtrade Fortnight 22nd February – 7th March 2010

Billingtons Fairtrade Sugar rangeFairtrade Fortnight encourages people to swap their usual groceries such as Coffee, Sugar and Chocolate with Fairtrade alternatives.
This year the Fairtrade Foundation are being far more ambitious than ever. They want one million people to join in The Big Swap.
Each swap will be proof that the UK wants the developing world to get a better deal. Please click here to visit the Fairtrade Foundation  website.

The Fairtrade mark is your guarantee that farmers receive the security of long term contract and a Fairtrade Premium to invest in community development projects. To find out where you can buy Billington’s Fairtrade Sugars click here.