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World Cup 2010 Baking Recipes

The football world cup is fast approaching and to celebrate in the Baking Mad Kitchen we are going to be baking! (Yes, any excuse).

Whether you are having friends round to watch the football or just at home with your family we have some recipes that will definitely inspire you.

To add a little more fun you could also theme your baking or cooking around the country playing. American Style Pancakes are perfect for the USA matches or English White Muffins are the ideal accompaniment when supporting England!

Hope you have as much fun as we do, we would love to hear what you are baking on Twitter or in the Community.

Father’s Day Recipes

This year Father’s Day is on Sunday 20th June

Not sure what to buy your Dad? Well why not bake/make them something delicious to eat.

Baking your Dad a cake is the perfect way to show how much much we appreciate everything they do for us. Homemade gifts not only have our personal touch but also she we care.

If you need some ideas, help and advice Baking Mad are here to help.
Beer Bread, Stout Cake, or good old fashioned Chocolate Cake are all idea to give your Dad.

World Cup Survival Recipes

If you want to escape the World Cup this June, why not invite some of your girl friends over and have afternoon tea, garden party or just a catch up over a cuppa.

We have lots of delicious recipes that are perfect for impressing your friends and indulging in. Treat yourself!

Some of us in the Baking Mad Kitchen we are going to be making (and enjoying outside!) Cherry Bakewells and Elderflower Cordial whilst the rest are glued to the television screen. If you would like some other ideas we have the perfect Baking Idea for you!!

Top Tips from our Facebook Fans

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to all our Facebook Fans for sharing their top tips with us. We have been trying some of them out in the Baking Mad kitchen as it is always great to have a few extra ‘cheats’ to wow your friends and family.

Below I have listed them all so everyone can benefit.

Betty Blundell

The little hand held blenders are fab for mixing cakes in a hurry if you haven’t got a whisk takes seconds

11 May at 14:18

Julie Kenny

Carefully follow each mixing step in the recipe. Do not over or under-mix. Each step has a purpose. Use a kitchen timer to help you keep track of how long to mix.

11 May at 14:36

Cg Gauden

Make sure you get the times right whilst cooking no one likes burnt or undercooked food lol

11 May at 15:44

Sarah Whittington

Don’t be tempted to keep stirring rice,it make sit stodgy & more starchy….also when baking yorkshire puds,cakes don’t open the oven until time is finished for cooking x

11 May at 15:59

Susan Harwood

Put a small amount of mustard powder into your cheese scone mixture, it really brings out the flavour.

11 May at 16:35

Valerie Dallimore

When baking a cake bring all your cold ingredients such as butter and eggs to room temperature before you start.

11 May at 19:09

Linda Curtis

Always clean and tidy away as you go it makes it so much easier and always fresh ingredients

11 May at 23:57

Michelle Bunn Thompson

Add a little pancetta to lasagne to make it a little more unique

12 May at 00:41

Lorraine Brook

When baking a cake I always grease the tin and then completely dust the inside of the tin with flour. It makes it so much easier to remove the cake from the tin after baking. I also use this method when using greased proof liner just to make sure there is no sticking

12 May at 00:42

Missielizzie Mse

Use the freshest free-range eggs you can get for the best taste. Better still, get your own chickens! Lol!

12 May at 01:33

Abby Waterhouse

Never be afraid to experiment. Some of my best dishes have been created without following the recipe to the letter.

12 May at 01:51

Melandtony Hunt Mse

I always make sure my bowl and spoon are freshly washed and warm when making bread.

12 May at 02:26

Samantha Clarke

Toss nuts, raisins and chopped fruits in flour first. This will really help them to keep suspended in batters! x

12 May at 02:37

Rae Mse Hardy

Whilst cooking or baking I always keep the sink full of really hot water and drop everything in as I use it, they clean much easier when things haven’t stuck to them and its quicker if you are needing the same bowl, spoons etc a 2nd time [this is obviously for those of us without a dishwasher ;o)]

12 May at 03:56

Sarah Dowley

For pretty pastle coloured icing on your fairy cakes, put the food colouring in the water you mix in to the icing sugar, then if it starts look bright, finish by adding plain water!

12 May at 05:59

Rachel Watson

Add a good slug of double cream to your butter cream to make it soooo smooth and delish

12 May at 07:11

Laura Hadland

To make christmas tree decorations (or non-seasonal conifers!) take a cone of green icing and use the tips of a pair of scissors to snip in the branches – simple, but effective!

12 May at 07:12

Julie Henderson

Always keep an empty pop bottle filled with water so you can use it if you can’t find your rolling pin

12 May at 07:13

Jodie Taylor Was Caines

add garlic powder to shepheds pie, spag bol, stewa etc its lovely

12 May at 07:14

Michelle Rice

If your cake is too moist, call it a dessert and serve with custard or whipped cream. If it sinks in the middle, cut out the center and ice it as a ring cake. Cake too dry, make it into truffles or use it to make the base of a trifle. Cake has peaked, slice it off and ice it lavishly If the cake breaks as you take it out of the tin (often because… See more it is too warm), cover with icing or serve it sliced or serve it as a dessert. Biscuits crumble or are too dry, use them to make a biscuit crumb base for a cheesecake.

12 May at 08:01

Leanne Farnell

Remember buttercream/icing and pretty little decorations are your best friends to help cover imperfections!

12 May at 08:21

Lisa Beaumont

Bring cold ingredients such as butter and eggs to room temperature for best results

12 May at 09:13

Jenny Butler

Always put fairy cake cases in a tray with individual compartments otherwise they spread out and the fairy cakes turn out flat x

12 May at 10:24

Clara Croft

glaze the top of your pies with milk instead of egg for a less crunchy edge x

12 May at 12:36

Heather Binder-Pollard

If you buy an inexpensive flour, sieve it 3 times before cooking with it. Your cakes will be just as light as they are with a more expensive flour.

12 May at 13:22

Cheryl Hadfield

My baking tip is to always add something new each time you do an old favourite…variety is the spice of life after all xx

13 May at 05:52

Samantha Scott

When making a shepherd pie mix olive oil into the potato instead of butter and milk makes the topping golden and crunchie

13 May at 06:25

Shelley Jones

For the lightest fluffiest home-made fairy cakes, add milk at the end to make the mixture nice and gloopy! Everyone loves how light and fluffy my home made cakes are xx

13 May at 08:37

If you have any top tips you would like to share with us at the Baking Mad kitchen visit our Facebook page and comment on our status.

Cupcakes with natural pink food colouring

You may already know this, but Baking Mad is a great place to come if you need any top tips on how to bake the perfect…well, just about anything really.

We posted our recipe for Red Currant Fairy Cakes on the Baking Mad blog last week but we also wanted to let you know that you can use any berries to colour butter cream too. We used some left over raspberries to make baby pink butter cream icing for a batch of vanilla cupcakes that we baked over the weekend. The result?

Want to give it a go? It’s really very simple, to make pink food colouring simply take frozen raspberries, freeze them (they have higher water content when frozen) and heat in a pan along with a tablespoon of unrefined golden caster sugar for 5 minutes. Seive and add as usual to your icing or buttercream mixture.

So if this has got your cogs turning, we’d love to hear from you – have you ever tried it? Did it work? Do you have any of your own suggestions to share with us? Pictures welcome!

Allinson Nature Friendly Flour

We are so excited about the launch of Allinson Nature Friendly Flour. The two new products are Allinson Nature Friendly White Plain Flour 1kg and Allinson Nature Friendly White Self Raising Flour 1kg which are both going to be available in COOP and Morrisons stores.

 Allinson’s Nature Friendly flour is made from Conservation Grade Wheat which comes from farms that actively manage their farmland to promote biodiversity and create conditions in which wildlife can flourish.  This includes:
Planting hedgerows and trees to protect essential food sources e.g. wild berries.
Building ponds and erecting bat and bird boxes
Sowing a variety of wild flowers
Prohibiting the use of harmful agro-chemicals

Country Living – Homemade Temptations

In this month’s issue of Country Living we have a feature focused around Tea Time with lots of mouth-watering homebaked goodies.

If you would like to recreate these fantastic recipes, you have come to the right place. We can help you with top tips and you can even talk to our expert for any help you may need. Click the link below to go to each recipe

Walnut and Apple Scones topped with Billington’s Demerera
Baby Cheesecakes made with Billington’s Golden Caster Sugar
Cherry Bakewells made with Billington’s Golden Caster Sugar
Fruitcake made with Billington’s Light Muscovado
Jam Tarts made with Billington’s Golden Caster Sugar

Free Bag of Golden Granulated Sugar for Country Living Readers

This month we are giving away 10,000 bags of Golden Granulated Sugar (250g) to Country Living Readers.

Billington’s Unrefined Golden Granulated Sugar is pefect for adding to your afternoon cup of tea. Locking in the natural molasses this sugar has the best colour and flavour.

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