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Molasses Sugar = Perfect BBQ Marinades

Unrefined Molasses Sugar is ideal for making your barbeque marinades rich and sticky.
By locking in rather than refining out the natural molasses of the sugar cane unrefined sugars have the best colour and flavour. By using these sugars, this will mean your recipes do to. The best ingredients = the very best recipes.
We have some recipes for you to try and really believe that by using Billington’s Unrefined Molasses Sugar you will achieve amazing bbq marinades.

Wimbledon Recipe Inspiration

In true Wimbledon style why not try some lovely recipes with berries. One of our favourites is the Victoria Sponge, perfect filled with strawberries. We also love making Buttermilk Scones and topping them fresh British strawberries and lashings of clotted cream! The ideal accompaniment to afternoon tea in the garden.
If you fancy a little sweet treat for dinner (or a snack!!) Mini Fruit Cheese Cakes topped with raspberries are simply delicious. You don’t need any fancy new moulds either, just make them in your normal patty or fairy cake tin.

This blog post is making my mouth water just thinking about it!

WI Real Jam Festival

I am so proud now that Billington’s is sponsoring the WI’s Real Jam festival! Unrefined cane sugar is absolutely perfect for making jam so is the ideal partner.

The WI are looking for the best homemade jam and have a number of fantastic categories including strawberry jam, soft fruit jam, and even man made jam! So why not print off the attached entry form and have a go.

Entry Form

Now is the perfect time to get started as the summer fruits begin to come into season. If you would like recipe inspiration why not visit our Jams and Jellies Baking Idea. Don’t forget we are always here at Baking Mad to help with advice and top tips to achieve the perfect jam!

If you would like further information on the Jam Festival you can visit the website

A top tip from Dulwich Divorcee and her daughters

We have been busy bees recently meeting some fantastic people who we thought might be interested in hearing more about Baking Mad. We have been eating (cakes of course) and chatting to our hearts content. Last week we met with Alice from Dulwich Divorcee (no prizes for guessing where she hails from) and she has provided us with her very own top tip and blog post to go with it. We’re honoured and proud to bring it to you – enjoy!

My girls and I have always been great bakers. Partly, it’s a greed thing. Life seems a little bleak without cake, and we all know that shop bought cake is Not the Same At All. There’s also the sense of achievement involved for children. All that weighing, measuring and mixing leads, quite quickly, to a real, concrete result – although of course one always hopes it won’t look or taste like concrete. Even when my daughters were very small, the pride they felt at producing something edible was immense – and well worth a trashed kitchen.
These days, the kitchen stays relatively tidy and I can more or less take a back seat, particularly when fairycakes are on the menu. We must have made these a trillion times, yet they are a firm favourite and they only improve with each baking. We keep making small alterations in our mixture and icing which keep the baking interesting. And, of course, decorating the top of a fairycake is such a splendidly girly thing. Who could resist?

Our top tip for icing was only discovered recently. We got the recipe from fellow blogger English Mum – basically, half butter to icing sugar, and add milk. We didn’t bother adding milk to start with, and found it very hard to create nice swirly icing with a piping bag. A couple of tablespoons of milk makes all the difference and has really allowed us to go mad with the icing. And we’ve also just bought silicone fairycake cases for £3.50 for 12 in lovely pastel shades.

Here’s our fail safe fairycake recipe, adapted from an all-in-one sponge recipe:

8oz Nature Friendly self raising flour, sieved
8oz butter, softened
8oz sugar – we used Billington’s unrefined granulated sugar this time which really does make a difference, giving a lovely flavour and extra sweetness
4 large eggs
vanilla essence

Cream butter and sugar, add eggs one at a time beating thoroughly, add vanilla essence and, finally, flour. This time, we halved the batter when it was made and added 4oz of crushed walnuts and a tablespoon of strong instant coffee to one half. Distribute into cupcake cases and bake at gas mark 3 for 25 minutes or so.

200g butter
400g Billington’s unrefined golden icing sugar
a little milk

Mix together. For the walnut fairycakes, we added another spoonful of strong instant coffee to half the icing mixure.
To decorate – go wild with the sprinkles!
Other variations are lemon or orange fairycakes – just add the juice and pith of a lemon or orange to the mixture, and add pith to the icing. These are also nice with a glace icing, made up with icing sugar and lemon or orange juice.

Fairy Cake Friday

Cupcakes are a very big trend at the moment but at Baking Mad we are feeling a little rebebllious so we are making every Friday in June and July Fairy Cake Friday.

We are dusting off those recipes everyone loves and trusts like Butterfly Cake and good old Fairy Cake.

Get your aprons on to and get baking! Invite you friends over for lunch, have a coffee morning or afternoon and BRING OUT YOUR FAIRY CAKES. Be proud of them!

Don’t blow your dough on a loaf of bread

News of the £21 loaf has captured our attention this week. Whilst it certainly does sound like a slice of perfection, there are plenty of ideas
for making your own delicious loaf that don’t have to break the bank. We tried our hand at this super easy loaf using Allinson seed and grain

To try it for yourself check out this recipe and simply replace the white bread flour for seed and grain for added texture.

For tips on baking a perfect loaf remember to look at the tips section on Baking Mad!

A Wedding Gift That Keeps Giving

Your wedding day is the best day of your life, and with it starts domestic bliss.

A breadmaker is the perfect gift to newly-wed couples. It is something they can continue to use, treating each other with yummy homemade bread throughout the years of their marriage, for better or for worse.

The new breadmaker will help keep a romance as fresh as the homely aroma of baked bread when taken straight from the breadmaker.

It takes just a few simple steps and ingredients to rustle up a Rosemary & Date Loaf in a breadmaker or try Fruity Tea Bread with Ginger for a sweeter loaf. For the more confident and adventurous, try Guacamole and Jalepeno Loaf, or Bacon and Spinach Bread – be sure to impress your new husband or wife, or more importantly, the in-laws!

At Baking Mad, we can also offer you helpful, advice and top tips to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Lemon Drizzle Baking Tip

You may have seen our baking tips incentive recently that we ran on our Facebook group? We have been inundated with fantastic tips from all of you keen bakers out there.

We thought we would share another of our own with you. We made a delicious and moist lemon drizzle cake last week and demolished it within about 10 minutes (there are a lot of us here!)

Our tip is to pour the lemon juice and golden caster sugar mixture over the cake as soon as it comes out of the oven. Try to prick the cake with something thin so that it doesn’t look like there are lots of holes in the top. Pouring the drizzle when the cake is still warm means that the cake absorbs the juice and sugar mixture better and it keeps the cake moist for days.