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Sainsbury’s Baking Recipe Collection Winners!

Congratulations to the 10 winners of our Baking Recipe Collection Competition.  They all answered correctly the number 2 which was the answer to this question – How many bananas are used in the Passion Cake with Nutty Cream Cheese?

Congratulations! You have all won a copy of ‘Baking Recipe Collection’ by Sainsbury’s.  I hope you all enjoy the book!

Samantha Gray
Sally Webb
Pat Howell
Mary Speller
Jane Drew
Stephanie Pollard
Adele Hill
Joanne Peacock
Wendy Graham
L Lau

Jason Atherton

Jason Atherton, chef/owner of Pollen Street Social

It was over a month ago now, but I’m only just recovering from Taste of London and Taste of Edinburgh.

They’re two of the UK’s most stylish food festivals, where anyone with an appetite for al fresco dining can sample exquisite food and see demonstrations from world-class chefs.  

I was in good company alongside many culinary greats including Tom Aikens, Gary Rhodes, Theo Randall and Bruno Loubet, not to mention the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow who was  feverishly signing copies of her new cookbook ‘Notes from my Kitchen Table’.   She looks as good in the flesh as she did on Glee (I know you all watch it).

Taste is not just about savoury dishes, which is great news as I have a real passion for puddings.  So much so in fact, I put in a bar, devoted to serving desserts, in my new restaurant, Pollen Street Social

The dessert menu is created to appeal to lots of different tastes, from a rather sexy Watermelon, Candied Goat’s Curd and Basil Sorbet to a traditional English rice pudding, but served with hay ice-cream and lime jelly.

Making puddings is a real art; it’s the only part of my kitchen where I insist on everything being accurately measured and weighted.  If you put one too many olives in a tapenade, nobody is going to know. But when you make a lemon tart, if it hasn’t got the exact amount of eggs in it, it’s not going to set.  I’m a stickler for using the right ingredients as well.  To get the best results you need to start with the very best ingredients you can afford.  I always use Billington’s unrefined range which I guarantee will make a real difference to the results of our baking.

Have a look at some of my latest pudding recipes on, or pop into the restaurant.

Pollen Street Social, 8-10 Pollen St, W1 (020 7290 7600),

Bespoke Cake Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Vivien Lowden and her daughter Holly.  Vivien nominated her daughter Holly to win a Bespoke Cake made by Master Patissier Eric Lanlard!  Vivien nominated her daughter Holly to win a fabulous cake worth £250!

Vivien explained why her daughter should win – “I am nominating my 18 year old daughter Holly who made this cake on work experience.  She has been taking baked goods into school for her classmates for the past few years but rarely eats them herself, a particular favourite are chuffins chilli chocolate muffins.  She is doing A levels at the minute and is very stressed out she will miss her school friends when she moves on to University. A Bespoke Cake made by Eric Lanlard would be cause for celebration and a great way to say goodbye to her school friends.”

This is a picture of the cake Holly made.

Keep checking the blog as we will be uploading a photo of the cake Eric makes for Holly.

Well Done to you both!

Registrant Book Winners!

Congratulations to the 20 winners of Eric Lanlard’s Home Bake cookbook.  They all registered with Baking Mad between 17th June 2011 and 7th July 2011 and were entered into a prize draw to win one of his books.

 Well Done to you all, I hope you enjoy his book.

Caroline Ashton
Nigel Temple
Lisa Broddle
Joy Higgins
Susan Ovens
Jane Colwill
Kim smith
Siobhan Parker
Helen Hill
Bob Moss
Rebecca English
Emily Watson
Allison Redmond
 Jo Minett
Tolu Imonioro
Karen Willmott
Gemma Sloan
Ben Hutton
Madhavi Manthani
Emma Gago-Martin

Registrant Book Winners!

Congratulations to the 20 winners of Eric Lanlard’s Home Bake cookbook.  They all registered with Baking Mad between 15th April 2011 and 5th May 2011 and were entered into a prize draw to win one of his books.

Well Done to you all, I hope you enjoy his book.

Millie Hutchinson
Rachael Morgan
Victoria Steventon
Elvina Hutchinson
Helen Jones
 Jacks Davis
 Kirstie Katib
 Elizabeth Dougan
Claire Tregear
Maxine Reynolds
Olga Mayka
Stephanie Harris
Kim Semmence
Laura bowen
Beckie Grice
 Kat Hunter
Gary Castle
Wendy Ashby
Janet Birkin
Emma Metcalfe

NEW Askeys Butterscotch Treat Sauce!

Askeys have launched a new flavour Treat Sauce – Butterscotch! ummmm, it sounds so yummy!

To celebrate this new release, Baking Mad are giving away 50 free bottles every Monday to those who sign up to Baking Mad.  Starting on Monday 11th July.  To be in with a chance of winning you will have to be one of 50 people who register with Baking Mad every Monday.  This competition will run for 4 consecutive Monday’s.

More4 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard

The Baking Mad team are please to announce that Channel 4 loved the programme so much, they are repeating the whole series on More 4 every Sunday at 4:05pm for 10 weeks from Sunday 3rd July 2011.

It has a prime time slot positioned between Coach Trip and Come Dine With Me.

So if you loved the series you have a chance to watch it again and if you missed out, you’ll get a chance to watch it from the beginning.