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Happy Halloween!

It’s halloween this weekend and to get into the spirit of things we’ve transformed the Baking Mad office into a spooky lair of pumpkins, cob webs and skeletons. But that’s enough of the tricks, what about some treats?!

We spotted this great recipe for cute halloween cake pops on popular baking blog The Pink Whisk and thought we’d give it a bash! Cue, some rather competitive decorating action here at Baking Mad HQ!

We’ve had every colour of Silver Spoon’s writing icing out of the box, exhausted tubs of Silver Spoon’s White Chocolate Stars and ended up with more Silver Spoon Dark Chocolate Drops on the floor than on our cake pops, but that’s just all part of the fun.

If you want to find out how we got on why not visit our Facebook page for the chance to judge our efforts and see the winning designs!

Want to be on TV?

Eric LanlardAttention all budding bakers! Do you love experimenting in the kitchen? Have you got some impressive recipes up your sleeve that could wow even a master baker?

If so Baking Mad needs you!

We are looking for passionate bakers to compete in a mini bake off. The lucky winner will have a 1-1 lesson with baker to the stars Eric Lanlard and appear on the popular TV series Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard!

Twice winner of the prestigious Continental Patissier of the Year at the British Baking Awards, Eric has earned himself an international reputation for show stopping cakes. Through his designer cake emporium Cake Boy, Eric attracts an impressive A-list clientele and a global fan base.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to impress Eric with your culinary skills? If so please email us at where you will be prompted to fill in one of our application forms.

Good luck!

National Baking Week

Whisks at the ready, National Baking Week is finally here! Yes, that’s right, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, put on your pinny and get baking for Britain.

Fronted by Ruth Clemens, finalist of 2010’s Great British Bake Off and popular author of The Pink Whisk blog, National Baking Week aims to get Britain back into the kitchen. The campaign is being sponsored by some of the biggest names in the world of home baking including Billington’s, Allinson, Silver Spoon, Happy Eggs and Pyrex.

Celebrations kicked off in the capital yesterday and we were at St Pancras station to see the unveiling of this rather impressive creation.

National Baking Week

The seven foot cake, which recreates a map of the London underground, along with several of the city’s most famous landmarks, is made from a variety of different recipes and baking techniques.

National Baking Week

Visit the National Baking Week website to to see how this amazing cake was put together. Plus there’s a chance to win some great prizes throughout, including a Baking Mad hamper.


Top Tips for Terrifyingly Tasty Treats

Spooky Halloween CupcakesAt Baking Mad we never need an excuse to get creative in the kitchen, but with Halloween fast approaching what better occasion could we ask for?

Whatever terrifyingly tasty treats you’re hoping to bake, here’s our top tips to help make your Halloween a spooky success.

Be Prepared
No matter what you are baking this Halloween, make sure you’re well equipped for the occasion. You’ll need an array of gruesome food colourings, icings and cake toppers. SilverSpoon Cakecraft do a fantastic range of edible decorations and have everything you need to lift your baking from the so-so to the seriously impressive. From chocolate letters and numbers, to sprinkles and bejewelled jelly drops, the only limited is your imagination!

Trick or Treat
Why not try mixing up a batch of ghoulishly great cupcakes for your trick-or-treaters? Often more economical than buying sweets, home baked goodies are sure to go down a treat and could earn you a reputation as the coolest neighbour on the street. Our Scary Halloween Cupcakes are perfect for trick-or-treaters. Easy to make and so much fun to decorate these scrummy cakes are sure to be well received by all kids- big or small.

Waste Not, Want Not
When you are carving up your pumpkins for Halloween, make sure you keep the delicious filling and make use of it in your cooking. Healthy, versatile and delightfully tasty, pumpkin can be incorporated into a whole host of treats, both sweet and savoury, from hearty pumpkin soup to moreish pumpkin cookies. Fancy giving it a go? Why not try out our delicious Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Pumpkin Pie

A hearty pumpkin pie is a great way to make the most of Halloween left-overs

So what will you be baking this Halloween? Don’t forget to upload your photos to our Facebook page and share your spooky recipes with us!

Discover the taste of JUST MILK

JUST_MILK_SkimmedPicture the scene: after a long day at work, you’ve decided to unwind and do some baking when you’re half way through a recipe and realize that you’re all out of milk. There’s nothing more annoying, right? Faced with that situation how many of us have thrown a coat over our pyjamas and made a mad dash to the garage in the pouring rain? Now there’s another option. JUST MILK.

JUST MILK, combines all the benefits of fresh milk with the convenience of UHT, which makes it ideal for baking. Available from Sainsbury’s and Tesco supermarkets, JUST MILK comes in a handy 6 pack and with a 3 month expiry date it can be stored in the kitchen cupboard, until you’re ready for it to take its rightful place in the fridge.

Available in skimmed, semi skimmed and whole milk varieties, JUST MILK contains no additives or preservatives and contains the same amount of calcium as fresh milk. The taste is so creamy and so delicious that many people actually choose to move down a fat level, which is good news for health conscious bakers.

And as JUST MILK is one of the official sponsors of National Baking Week (17th- 23rd October) we’ve got some inspiring recipe ideas for using this fab ingredient. We say give it a try in your home baking favourites and discover the delicious creamy taste for yourself!

Spice things up with TABASCO® sauces

Here at Baking Mad, we love experimenting with new flavours in the kitchen and this week we’ve been trying out TABASCO® hot pepper sauces. 

Ok, so we might not be adding a dash of TABASCO® to our cupcake mix, but the pepper sauces taste great when used in cooking or as a food accompaniment. Naturally low in fat, they add flavour, without the calories and they’re also a fun way to put a contemporary twist on a classic recipe.

And it’s no wonder that TABASCO® sauces taste so good, the same family have been producing them for 140 years, perfecting the recipe and ensuring that each pepper is hand-picked for its quality.

Feeling inspired? Why not have a look at our recipe ideas and see how you can use TABASCO® sauces to liven up a homemade pizza.

For those who like to spice things up why not give our Mexican Taco pizza a go. The red pepper sauce gives the tomato base a real kick and this pizza is great for sharing with friends.  For those who prefer a milder taste, why not try our Double Cheese pizza recipe. The green pepper sauce is ideal for the more delicate palette because it gives the perfect punch of flavour, without being too hot.


A dash of TABASCO sauce will spice up your homemade pizza

Why don’t you have a go making one of these delicious pizza recipes, or alternatively try and come up with a few of your own? Don’t forget to post your efforts on our Facebook page- we’d love to see them!