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Here in the kitchen we get a lot of calls asking for advice about buying and making bread in a bread machine so we thought it would be a good idea to test a few machines and see how they compare. We tested a basic white loaf recipe to measure ease of use, flavour and texture of the bread.  We cannot give you advice on reliability, cake or jam making in these machines

Please note, prices are an online guide only.


Panasonic SD-2500WXC Breadmaker approx £107

This machine was very easy to use and the control panel is angled which makes it easy to see.  In our opinion this bread maker creates the best textured and flavoured loaf, with a lovely even rise, a good crust, delicious taste and it slices easily.

An excellent, reliable, easy to use bread machine, that produces the perfect loaf with the best texture and taste 10/10


Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC Bread Maker, Stainless Steel approx £160

The top of the range Panasonic machine. The extra cost is for the smart stainless steel housing. When making bread the only difference is that there is a little yeast dispenser, however this isn’t really necessary.   The basic white bread had an excellent taste and texture and was the perfect loaf.

An excellent but expensive machine that makes bread just as well as the less expensive model 8/10


Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Breadmaker approx £130

This machine is quite bulky and large. It was easy to use, but has a different basic recipe to most other guides. The resulting bread was sweet, and oily in flavour although it had an even rise and texture. I made another loaf using the basic bread recipe on the back of an Allinson bread flour pack. The result was a better flavoured loaf, but still with a slightly cakey texture.

Although an easy to use machine, we felt the bread was too sweet and slightly closer in texture than that made in other machines 7/10


Morphy Richards Daily Loaf approx £50

We would recommend this machine for those that just want a small one pound loaf. The machine doesn’t take up much more room on the work top than a toaster and is a good price.  Easy to use, the resulting bread had a great texture and flavour although the bread is a little sweeter than breads made in the other machines. 

If you like a small loaf or don’t want lots of stale bread left over, this is an excellent buy 8/10


Kenwood BM450 Rapid Bake Bread Maker, Stainless Steel approx £140

A stylish looking Stainless steel machine, this was simplicity itself to use. It has the best recipe and instruction book with colour photographs to tempt you to experiment. The basic white loaf had an excellent rise and texture and a lighter crust than the loaf from the Panasonic machine, but otherwise was a very similar loaf. The machine was quite noisy when kneading.

A very stylish machine, easy to use, great recipe book and a fantastic loaf 10/10



Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker, White approx £68

This basic Kenwood bread maker is a great price and made a tasty white loaf in just over 3 hours, the only difference from the expensive model is the white plastic housing and lack of nut and raisin dispenser

An easy to use, practical machine which made a very good loaf 8/10



Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker approx £150

This brushed stainless steel bread machine made excellent bread, and was easy to use. However the flat top and shiny control panel was difficult to read. The machine also made a continuous low ‘white noise’, and the exterior was very hot.

The bread was evenly textured, well risen and tasty 7/10


For recipe ideas visit our Bread Maker recipe section


6 thoughts on “Bread maker comparison review

  1. Morphy Richards Toaster

    G’Day! Bakingmad,
    Thanks for the info, I’ve just got a used Bread maker and baked a regular loaf bread and Rye breads. The rye breads were a little bit softer right after it’s done, but all of the breads turnd very hard once they are cooled down. What do I need to do??
    Nice One!

  2. Mike

    Bought the Kenwood BM450 after Christmas. Tried recipe 1, (small, egg enriched white bread), with variations. I am baking every 1-3 days (bread does not stay around long, even if only 2 of us!). No failures (idiot proof?).
    Have added 10-15ml extra water to get a moister loaf, even added butter & grated cheese to one loaf!
    With “Allinson’s Seed & Grain White Bread Flour” felt it needed a little bit more water (so added it) and mix was better after restarting the cycle, so double kneading time helps too!

  3. denise

    Thank you for your blog. Had the Kenwood BM450 brought for my birthday!! Yiphee!! But I eat rye bread, can I make this and other off the shelf loaves, as I don’t see any recipes for Rye or such like in the book….many thanks


      Hi Denise, we do have a rye bread recipe that you can use in a breadmaker Each individual bread machine will be different but we would recommend setting your machine to the basic white programme and follow the basic white recipe in terms of when you should add each of the ingredients. Hope that helps,


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