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A Passion for Pâtisserie – Ten Top Tips from Master Pâtissiers William & Suzue Curley

Pâtisserie is what brought us together; it is what drove us to open our first shop in 2004 and it brings joy and happiness to our lives and, we hope, to our customers. As pâtissiers and chocolatiers, we feel that we have a duty to pass on the skills of our craft to the next generation and we take great pride in being able to provide the inspiration to do so.

Our main focus is, of course, to arouse and surprise the taste buds. A pleasure that we hope we can, in some way, bring to everyone, through the recipes in our new book Pâtisserie.  Through Pâtisserie we hope to prove once and for all that creating beautiful pâtisserie in the home kitchen is both achievable and hugely satisfying.

Here are our top tips for creating flawless pâtisserie at home:

1. When using butter in cakes in, allow it to come to room temperature, it will more easily become light and fluffy.

2. When adding eggs to any mixture, ensure you add them slowly, to prevent the mixture separating.

3. When melting chocolate, melt over a water Bain-Marie, with the water hot, but not boiling, as the chocolate will burn if it gets too hot.

4. When preparing pastry, it is important to let the pastry rest for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. This will prevent the pastry shrinking or changing shape upon baking.

5. A good set of digital scales is well worth the investment as precision is essential for successful baking.

6. Sieving dry ingredients is important, thus breaking up any lumps that have formed, when using baking powder it is advisable to sieve with the dry ingredients twice.

7. When whipping cream, insure you have a dry cool bowl, it may worth popping your bowl in the fridge in advance to keep it cool until you need it.

8. I love my chocolate, always pick good quality chocolate, but try use the flavour characteristics to match the flavour of dish/cake you are making.

9. Recipes can be adapted to suit different shapes and sizes of moulds and tins, you don’t always have to buy new equipment when you make something new.

10. Always shop around for good quality ingredients, ideally in season.

Happy baking!

William & Suzue Curley


Pâtisserie by William & Suzue Curley is available to buy online and in all good bookshops now. The book is published by Jacqui Small

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