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Gingerbread men are for life … not just for Christmas!

gingerbread When sorting through our kitchen drawers recently we came across our gingerbread cutter. It seems such a shame that this cutter only seems to get an outing a few times a year around Christmas time, so we thought we would buck the trend and bake some summer inspired gingerbread men (and women)

With summer holidays and bikini diets seemingly on everyone’s minds at the minute we decided to give our gingerbread family a revamp and what better than to decorate them with an itsy-bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini (apologies to anyone who was born after the 90’s who doesn’t understand the Timmy Mallett reference)

These biscuits would be really cute as an after dinner snack in the sun following a summer BBQ or maybe for a children’s summer party.

Tip: To make a real showstopper party display, position the gingerbread sunbathers on top of light muscovado sugar (it is a great substitute for sand)

Tip: We used food colouring gel when colouring our icing as we found that this gave a lovely deep rich colour, perfect for our yellow bikinis!

We would love to see the summer gingerbread families that you create so don’t forget to share them with us on Twitter @bakingmadUK and Facebook Baking Mad UK – you may even get chosen to feature as our baker of the month in our monthly newsletter!

For a link to our gingerbread men recipe please click here.

May-be the yummiest recipes of the month

We have been reviewing what recipes you have all been viewing, pinning and commenting on this month and pulled together some of our favourites to share with you. So what are you waiting for? Turn the oven on and tie up your apron. Ready, set, BAKE!

Rhubarb crumble slices rhubarb crumble slices

Hooray! The start of the rhubarb season has arrived and it looks like bakers are already going crazy for the red stuff. Rhubarb crumb is not just for those cold winter nights, we have revamped a classic dish transforming it into yummy crumble slices. These would be a great picnic treat when the summer sun finally arrives and we can get out and about for a spot of al-fresco dining.

Egg-free passion fruit sponge cake passion fruit

Finding an egg free cake recipe can be a bit of a mean feat for allergen sufferers, but fear not we have a delicious egg-free sponge cake recipe just for you. Paired with the sweet, tropical flavourings of passion fruit cream, this cake is not to be missed. If you are a baker that prefers the addition of eggs, simply bake a gorgeous Victoria sponge and follow the instructions for the passion fruit filling for a fruity twist.

Tiger bread tiger

Roooooooar! This quirky bread recipe will certainly knock the stripes of a standard white loaf and is surprisingly simple to bake. The addition of the special paste on top of your loaf will infuse a beautiful flavour into each slice and give that distinctive tiger stripe pattern.


Millionaire shortbread

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy these fabulous shortbreads. What’s not to love? A buttery shortbread base, velvety caramel topped with a layer of chocolate. These treats always go down a storm at bake sales, parties or just a Sunday afternoon nibble with a cup of tea.

5 ways to revamp your heart biscuits

ladybird Let’s face it unless you have a humongous kitchen (or two if you are a politician) Like us, you probably won’t have much space for endless cookie cutters and baking tools. We are always trying to cram just one more cutter into our kitchen drawers.

So we have a challenged ourselves to get more uses out of the baking kit that we currently have, starting with the old faithful ‘the heart biscuit cutter’

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a cute heart biscuit, who doesn’t? It’s the perfect gift for valentines or Mother’s Day, but we wanted to experiment with what else we could create with this shape of biscuit and here is what we came up with, our ‘5 ways to revamp your heart biscuits’

1. Wedding favours – bride and groom biscuits bride

With an impending wedding later this year, we have been on the overwhelming task of searching for the ideal wedding favours. Mini pots of jam, indulgent fudge, chocolate truffles – all good contenders but we also liked the idea of these personalised bride and groom biscuits. These are decorated using sugar paste icing however for those of you who enjoy a spot of piping and icing you could also decorate with royal icing, piping each guests name on the biscuit making them dual purpose as place settings too.

A super cute wedding favour that all you guests are sure to be talking about. Plus the best bit is you can bake in advance and freeze, saving precious time in the build up to the big day! (Phew)

2. Thank you gifts – bridesmaids bridesmaid

Keeping on the wedding theme, we also loved the idea of these adorable bridesmaid biscuits. Your loyal bridesmaids will be primping and prepping you and being at your beck and call for the duration of your big day. What better way to thank them with a sentimental, hand-baked gift? You can also personalise these, decorating them to match the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and even the flowers. Alternatively, these would be great favours for your bridal shower or hen party, spicing them up a bit with ‘L’ plates or matching them to your theme.

One batch of these biscuits serves 30, so there will be plenty to go around for all of your hens.

3. Ladybirds

School holidays are the best time to get creative with your little one’s in the kitchen, but keeping them entertained can sometimes be a challenge. These sweet ladybird biscuits are sure to catch their attention and are really simple to do. They would be a great addition to a children’s party or even to enjoy on a picnic alongside real life ladybirds. These biscuits are decorated by piping icing using these simple steps, just make sure that the icing isn’t too runny as it might escape over the sides. If it is, simply thicken with a touch more icing sugar. ladybird step by step

4. Strawberries strawberries

Summer is the season for strawberries and we love these vibrant strawberry biscuits, for an added touch you could add strawberry flavouring to the biscuit dough or secure the sugar paste icing to the biscuit using strawberry jam. The heart cutter can be used to cut out the red strawberry shape and the green leafage. Simply cut out a green heart then using a sharp knife cut off ¾ of the heart shape leaving the curve part at the top. Use the knife to the cut a zigzag pattern to form the leaves and finish by piping white icing dots over the red. The ideal summer snack.

5. Heart cupid heart

Ok, ok, we know we said we were going to stay away from the hearts, but these cupid style biscuits really do give an added something to the standard heart shape cookie. You can create these simply using a smaller heart cutter and stamping out a smaller heart from the inside of the dough or to make the cupid biscuits, cut out an arrow shape around the heart dough when baking. And what’s more cutting out smaller hearts means that you will be getting double the amount of cookies (more bang for your buck!)

Well there you have it our ‘5 ways to revamp your heart biscuits’ we would love to hear your suggestions or even any photos of your bakes. Get in touch with us on Facebook Baking Mad UK or on Twitter @BakingMadUK.

Step by step guide to make a showstopper cake

Anti gravity cake Making a showstopper cake really isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you follow our simple easy step by step guide you could be wowing your friends and family in no time.

There seems to be a whole host of anti-gravity cakes ‘flying’ around (get it?!) on the internet recently so I thought I would try our hand at making a sweet inspired cake using our favourite chocolate treats.

crumb coatI began with a basic chocolate sponge cake which was filled and crumb coated with a chocolate buttercream. Some of you may have heard ‘crumb coating’ mentioned in recipes or on baking shows. It really isn’t as complicated as it sounds, it is simply covering the outside of your cake with buttercream in order to trap the crumbs so that they don’t stick to your sugar paste icing (if you are covering your cake) or in this case the buttercream is used as a glue to stick the chocolate fingers and sweets in place.

A handy tip when crumb coating is to pop your sponge in the fridge briefly beforehand, this will firm up your sponge and prevent any pesky crumbs escaping into your icing. You must however, never try to crumb coat your cake whilst it is still warm as the icing was simply melt straight off, similar to those disasters that you might see in the Great British Bake Off tent!

choc fingersOnce the cake was baked, cooled and crumb coated I began to stick the chocolate fingers around the outside of the sponge. Remember to leave a gap at the front to stick your sweets giving the effect that they are spilling off the top of the cake. When all of the fingers are stuck on (and a few of them mistakenly popped into your mouth!) you need to begin to stick the sweets in place. I used Malteasers and M&M’s but any sweet (that comes in a packet) would work. Just don’t bin the empty sweet wrappers as you will need these later.

I divided the cake in half using the sweets as an outline; Malteasers on the left and M&M’s on the right and began filling in each side with the sweets. Before the top of the cake was completely covered I inserted the cake dowels which act as the support for the sweets being poured from the packets above. To hold in to place I dipped the bottom of the dowels in melted chocolate before inserting into the sponge. The remaining chocolate can be used later to stick the sweets to the top of the dowel.

melt choc I also smoothed some melted chocolate on to the front of the cake board so that I could add more sweets and keep them in place. This is important otherwise when you move your cake you will end up with Malteasers rolling all over the place like a game of Hungry Hippos!

Once all of the sweets are in place, use the melted chocolate similar to glue to stick the sweets on to the dowel. You may not need to go all the way up to the top as this will be covered by your empty sweet wrappers. It is worth placing these on top of your dowels early to give you an idea how far you need to go.

Once these are in place then your cake is complete. If your sweet wrappers won’t stay in place a handy tip is to fill them with marshmallows which will fluff up the packets making them look more genuine.

A slice of this cake may be more calories than you care to think about but believe me it is worth it. Go on give it a try!