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S’more campfire cone

campfire coneWe have already shared with you earlier this week our campfire cupcakes and we couldn’t wait to show you our delicious campfire cones. Think soft and sticky marshmallows, summer fruits covered in melted chocolate and encased in a sweet crisp ice cream cone and that is exactly what our S’more campfire cones are.

They couldn’t be simpler to make either, just grab a pack of cones (Askey’s waffle cones work particularly well for this) and begin to fill the insides with as many yummy treats as you can get your hands on. Broken up chunks of chocolate bars and mini marshmallows are perfect as they will melt and coat all the other ingredients.

campfire step by step Once your cones are filled, wrap them up in tin foil and throw on to the campfire (or pop in the oven on a low heat for 5 minutes if your inside!) Carefully remove from the fire after 3-4 minutes using heatproof utensils and peel off the tin foil coating to reveal the most indulgent gooey filling and enjoy!

Camping will never be the same again once you have tried this hack!

Campfire cupcakes

campfire cupcakeThe school holidays are here and the sun has got it’s hat on (well, some of the time) so we are heading out to enjoy ‘The Great Outdoors’ Whether it is music festivals, trips to the seaside, camping jaunts or simply just sunbathing in the garden with a BBQ you can add a little creativity (and cake) to your day.

Camping is a great childhood memory for many people, from Brownie and Scout camps toasting marshmallows on the campfire to family holidays. We wanted to capture all the fun memories of camping with a few kid-friendly baking ideas. The first, being our yummy chocolate campfire cupcakes (try saying that really quickly!)

We used a really simple classic chocolate cupcake recipe to bake our cupcakes. They only take 20 minutes to bake too, meaning that you won’t have to have your oven on too long, adding extra heat to your kitchen.

Once the cupcakes are baked and cooled the fun really begins. Whip up a basic vanilla buttercream by simply blending icing sugar, softened butter and vanilla extract, then colour orange to create the flames on your cupcake. A good quality food colour gel will give a really vibrant colour to your buttercream, however, if you cannot find any gel, liquid food colouring will also work. As orange is not one of the common primary colours that are sold in supermarkets you could create the desired colour by blending yellow and red food colourings. Add the food colouring in small amounts until you reach the colour you want. You might also find it easier add the yellow first then making it darker with drops of red. When stirring the colouring into the buttercream, only partially stir in to create a flame coloured effect.

Using a star nozzle in a piping bag held vertically, quickly pipe a small amount buttercream randomly across the top of your cake to create the flames. Then crush up some flake or grate some chocolate and carefully stick to the buttercream flames to create the firewood.

All that is left to do now is pack up the cupcakes for your camping trip!

The Scoop with Eric Lanlard

RED VELVET ERICWe caught up with master patissier, Eric Lanlard recently to get the ‘scoop’ and chat all things ice cream in celebration of National Ice Cream month.

Most of us have fond childhood memories of enjoying an ice cream in the sun, what has your favourite ice cream experience been?
It has to be visiting the ice cream parlour in Harrods. Simply the best combination & presentation, if you visit skip lunch and have ice cream!

What would you say your favourite ice-cream flavour is?
It’s got to be chocolate & “proper” pistachio (not the green one!)

How do you like to eat your ice cream – by itself or dressing up a dessert?
Hot French apple tart and vanilla ice cream is such a great combination.

We know that you love experimenting with different flavours, what’s the most inventive ice cream that you have created?
My Red Velvet ice cream! Ice-cream made with cream cheese and cream and big chunk of broken up red velvet sponge folded in … Red Velvet heaven!! red velvet ice cream

To watch how to make Eric’s Red Velvet Ice Cream click here.

Are you a one scoop or two man?
Always Two!

Do you prefer a cone or a pot?
Cone, a proper good quality waffle one is the best.

vanilla ice creamWhat is your top tip to creating the ultimate ice-cream?
As ever I believe it is all about using the best ingredients. A good long gentle churning is essential to and will make a huge difference to the outcome of your ice cream, so invest in a good machine.

To check out Eric’s Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Ice Cream recipe click here. There is also a great ‘how to’ video, found here.