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Behind the scenes with Juliet Sear

camera We are so excited to take you all behind the scenes for a sneaky peak of our recent video shoot with Juliet Sear. Juliet kindly shared four recipes from her brand new book, Cakeology (available in all good book stores) and we cannot wait to share the finished videos with you.

We love the buzz of a video shoot; cameras, lights and microphones at the ready, the aroma of different smells floating around the kitchen and watching a baking pro first hand showing just how simple decorating cakes can be.

dog The first recipe of the day was adorable woodland creature cupcakes, which in our opinion were almost as cute as Juliet’s dog, Dougie who was patiently catching some rays in the garden whilst we were all busy in the kitchen.

Juliet also effortlessly produced two showstopper cakes; a stunning three tier ombre cake, which features on the front cover of her Cakeology book, and a vibrant piñata cake filled to the brim with every sweet imaginable. (Confession: there wasn’t too many sweet left by the end of the shoot.)group

We picked up some great tips from Juliet during the filming, our favourites being that it’s all about the wiggle (someone better tell Megan Trainor) when piping your piñata cake and that air-bubbles are the enemy…we won’t spoil anymore for you, so make sure you watch the videos.

The recipes were so straightforward; we left the shoot planning to recreate the piñata cake for an upcoming birthday party.

For the final recipe, Christmas fever took over the kitchen, despite the glorious sunshine outside but more to come on that later in the year…Ok, here is a sneaky photo to tickle your taste buds. snowman

It was so much fun shooting with Juliet and we cannot recommend her book enough, so what are you waiting for grab your copy of Cakeology now!

Also why not follow Juliet’s blog on her new website here


How to make pinwheel decorations

pinwheelWe have recently added a brand new summery sandcastle cake recipe to which is decorated in bright vibrant pinwheels. These are super simple to make so why not give it a try following our step by step guide.

1. Roll out x2 small (50g) balls of coloured flower paste icing

2. Roll out the yellow icing into a 4mm thick square. Split the pink icing and roll half of it into a 2mm thick square. Slice the pink square into thin strips.

3. Space the pink strips on the yellow icing approximately 10mm apart. Secure in place with boiled water. Roll out the remaining pink icing to a similar sized square and fix to the back of the yellow icing with water.

4. Gently roll over the top of the icing and trim into a 3 inch square. Cut diagonal lines towards the centre of the square.
pinwheel 1

5. Fold over each corner securing in place in the centre with edible glue or royal icing.

6. Stick a small ball of icing in the centre to hold the icing in place.

7. Use edible glue or royal icing to secure a flattened straw to the back of the pinwheel.

8. Leave to dry.pinwheel 1-4