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The Big Breakfast Challenge

group shot Since it’s National Breakfast Week and frankly we love any excuse to get baking at HQ, I took it upon myself to throw down the breakfast gauntlet and challenge my comrades; Gina and Katie to The Big Breakfast challenge.

So the rules were as follows; each contender could select one of Allinson’s simple (and delicious) sweet dough breakfast recipes and must complete the recipe to the best of their ability, in order for us to enjoy a yummy breakfast/brunch together (all in the name of work of course!)

Before we begin, it might be good to know a little bit about each baker…

katie Katie is our energetic, Aussie bundle of fun. Whilst she wouldn’t describe herself as a natural baker (her nickname being The Burnt Baker), Katie will always select the most ambitious looking bake when browsing through foodie magazines and Pinterest and put her own individual spin to it. For this reason alone, Katie selected the impressive looking Chocolate and Pistachio Breakfast Wreath…

ginaGina, on the other hand would probably describe herself as a kitchen calamity. Her highlights being that she created the most complicated yet perfect chocolate soufflé and lowlights being that she baked a simple chocolate brownie until it turned to dust! Who knows perhaps Gina is suited to the complex baking recipes? Gina selected the classic Cinnamon Roll recipe for the breakfast challenge…

SamAnd me? I’m Sam, the resident baker. I’m pretty sure I am the definition of being well and truly baking mad. I fancied giving the teacakes a try for this challenge. The beauty of these Allinson recipes is that whilst they produce amazing showstopper style bakes they are actually super simple to make for bakers of all skill sets.

Each recipe started with the same easy steps, heat the milk and butter, mix with the eggs, gradually add to the dry ingredients, knead and prove.

It was the second stage that set each bake apart. Gina’s cinnamon rolls were the first in the oven, delicately nestled in a muffin tin, filling the kitchen with the sweet scents. wreath

Next was the chocolate and pistachio wreath. Katie found the twisting stage of her wreath surprisingly easy to achieve but suggested that she would be a lot more generous with the chocolate spread next time round!! She also popped the pistachios in a food blender which was faster than chopping them up – a great timesaving tip.

teacake I proved and baked my teacakes in a Yorkshire pudding tin, which is great to keep your teacakes in shape and flat. However, don’t worry if you don’t have one of these tins as you can bake them on a baking tray similar to when you bake bread rolls.

For an extra touch try glazing the top of your teacakes with a beaten egg to add a bit of sheen to your finished bakes.

So all our breakfast goodies were baked and out of the oven and all that was left was the taste test. Ok, I will be honest, they all tasted really great and we couldn’t decide on a winner so we tucked in and polished off the remains with a nice cup of tea… It would have been rude not to!

To have a go at your own breakfast baking challenge, check out the Allinson collection here.