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How to plan a BIY (Bake it yourself) Wedding

There are many reasons you may opt to plan a BIY wedding. Perhaps you want to showcase your hobby and make truly delicious treats for all your guests. Maybe you want to keep yourself occupied and banish any over-thinking ‘did I sit my Aunty and her sister together? They really don’t get along!’

Here are some ideas and advice for you.
naked cake

Keep it Simple:

Don’t think that just because it’s your wedding you need to create something elaborate. If you’re not an accomplished baker, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. Maybe you want to go for a classic 3 tiered shape or a trendy naked cake – it’s easier that you think! Watch this step by step tutorial video by Juliet Sear for everything you need to know.

In Advance:

Don’t leave shopping for your ingredients to the day of the bake, have as much as possible prepped in advance. Even if your chosen recipe is tried and tested, if you’ve never made it in such a large quantity, make sure you do at least one trial run.

wedding cakeDecoration:

If you’re nervous that your cake (or anything else you’re planning on making) will look amateur, remember that the key is in the decoration. Once you’ve added your final touches, it will look the part. If you make a mistake, remember decoration can hide a multitude of sins! Try making these sugar roses, our simple video tutorial will help you create them.

Three tier sponge wedding cake recipe

salted caramel doughnut Dessert:

What can you make to keep everyone happy? Something that doesn’t conflict with the cake they’ll have later? Why not try this?

Customise your own doughnuts with a variety of toppings, you can cater even for the fussy eaters.

Follow this simple salted caramel doughnut recipe for the ultimate tasty dessert.

wedding biscuits Wedding Favours:

Go for something like fruit cakes, biscuits or fudge. These can often last longer so you can bake these several days before your wedding.

Why not try these delicious wedding biscuit favours

Wedding cake biscuits

The most important piece of advice we could give to you, is don’t panic! Only take on as much as you realistically have time to accomplish – baking should be fun not a chore. Remember to take time to relax and enjoy the build up to your wedding.

How to throw the ultimate hen party

hen party image

Having to plan a hen party is a personal and intimate experience. This may be something that the bride to be has dreamt of since she was a little girl, and if you’re the maid of honour, that’s quite some pressure on your shoulders to make sure you get it just right.
Fear not! Here is a list of tips from party games to guest favours to make sure the party is a success.

Break the ice cocktail
You could be in a new place with new people, so it’s always good to have a welcome drink to introduce everyone and make people feel at ease. Why not welcome everyone in with a glass of bubbly and a naughty alcoholic cupcake? Our mojito cupcake recipe and Caipirinha Cocktail could do just the trick.

Once everyone has arrived, your next step is to get everyone feeling in the party spirit. Here are some fun games you’d might like to try;

Dress the bride Split your team into equal groups (no smaller than 3s). Give each team a toilet roll. It is then their task to create a dress using the toilet roll on a member of the team in 8 minutes. This usually ends with some fabulous creations!

Hen Party Pinata:
Perfect for any size of group. Fill the piñata with individually wrapped sweet treats so there’s a little prize for everyone once the piñata has been opened. If you are feeling particularly creative make your own sweets – our white chocolate mice filled with raspberry ganache are a delicious retro favourite.

Truth or dare maple bacon cupcakes
This is perfect for letting your imagination run wild. Why not scrum up a few of these maple bacon cupcakes to pose as dares? These will be sure to challenge the fussy eaters.

Pace yourself
It’s especially important if you are out for the whole day or weekend, you don’t want the bride or anyone else feeling too tipsy and unable to enjoy the rest of the evening. Make sure you have frequent snacks and factor in some down time to eat and re-hydrate with soft drinks. What goes better with a group of lovely ladies than a slice of chocolate cake with a cup of tea?

wedding biscuitsWhen it’s all over
A little momentuo of the event?

Wedding themed biscuits. These are quick and easy to bake, and with a long shelf life, you can make these up to a week beforehand to give you lots of time to focus on the rest of your planning.

How to throw a beautiful baby shower

baby shower theme
(Image courtesy of

Having a baby is one of the most special moments in a lifetime and should be celebrated in style. It’s is becoming increasingly popular for expectant Mummies to celebrate the pending arrival of their new bundle of joy with a baby shower hosted by their nearest and dearest. But don’t panic if you have offered to host the shower it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think, we have put together a simple guide of great ways to pull off a beautiful and memorable shower.

Make your own food baby cupcakes

Ask the guests if they wouldn’t mind bringing along some nibbles for you all to enjoy to help with the catering. Perhaps find out what the mummy to be has been craving to make sure that her pregnant desires are being catered for (unless of course it is something obscure like coal!)

We have some great baby themed biscuit and cupcakes that are sure to impress the guests or alternatively would make lovely party favours for everyone to take home with them at the end of the party.

Cake glorious cake baby cake

What is a party without cake? Why not try recreating our beautiful yet simple baby shower cake. A delicious sponge cake covered in blue sugar paste icing and decorated with white clouds and an adorable baby ornament which also acts as a lovely gift for Mum. (We purchased a pack of 5 fluffy cloud cutters from Hobbycraft and the ornament from The Craft Company online)

Baby cake recipe

Don’t forget refreshments!
Whilst it is lovely to celebrate with bubbles, don’t forget that the star of the show will be steering clear of alcohol. Whip up a scumptious batch of refreshing cloudy lemonade and you will be on to a winner. These also look really cute served in mini milk bottles or jam jars with bright and colourful straws to tie in with the theme of the baby shower; i.e blue for boy, pink for girl or neutral.

Party games

After showering Mummy with gifts for the new arrival it is fun to get everyone involved with some quirky baby shower games. Collect baby photos in advance from your guests and get everyone to correctly identify who is who? This game is always guaranteed to bring lots of laugh and a few cringes too!

Why not blindfold Mummy for a baby food taste test to see how many she can identify? Or if you wanted to save a few pennies create your own baby food by blitzing various foods to a purée and serving in jam jars i.e apple, carrot etc.

But most of all…it’s important to relax and enjoy the shower. With many of these suggestions being able to be prepped in advance this will save you lots of time on the day and prevent you running around getting your nappy in a twist.

For our full baby shower recipe collection, click here.