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Know your Unrefined Sugars with Billington’s

Knowing which sugar to use in your bakes  can often be a mystery. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Billington’s to make it easy. This chart features the most used unrefined sugars and shows you which one to use and when.


2 thoughts on “Know your Unrefined Sugars with Billington’s

  1. Alan Bowman

    What happened to “Foot sugar” which we used a lot on the 40s, 50s for a rich molasses taste. It was always lumpy so that we kids used to grab a few lumps that were hard to crush and just eat them.

    1. Post author

      Hi Alan,
      That sounds like a wonderful family memory, The closest you’d get today would be Billington’s Molasses sugar, I’m sure you could find a few lumps in it as it arrives quite compact!


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