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  1. mellie

    ive always wanted to bake properly especially bread, im hopeing with your help that i will finally succed


    Love cooking of all kinds love this site,And watching cooking shows.Ihave to say l love sweet things,chocolate being no1.I am looking to make a special cake for myself as i will be 50 later in the year.

  3. amanda glossop

    Looking forward to making fresh bread today. I have also mad courgette and mushroom bread very tasty.

  4. cathryn omeara

    Always baking with my daughter,we bake alsorts of goodies she will be 18 in November so will be baking a special cake 🙂

  5. JoSele Swopes

    Bake, Bake, Bake, love it can’t get enough of it always coming up with new and old. If it weren’t for my mom I would probably be one of those who cook box food. Thank the Lord for MOMS…..

  6. Angela Allen

    I downloaded your recipe for Allinson’s Seed and grain bread , made it yesterday and it was delicious ! Thank you. !!

  7. sharon

    Looking for contact info!! 4 times ive tried to reset my password , and inminutes says link has expired can not log into to my account ….not happy at all.

    1. BakingMad.com

      Hi Sharon, thank you for your comment. We’ve reset your password and emailed it to you. Happy baking!


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