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Great British Bake Off recipes 2014 –

The Great British Bake Off is back!

We are all giddy with excitement in the offices that The Great British Bake Off is back! Find out how to replicate the recipes from the 2014 Great British Bake Off series, from cakes to bread, from showstoppers to technical challenges – let guide you through them all. We are also here for support to stop you getting that dreaded soggy bottom, so check out our ‘How to’ video section as well as our FAQ’s and tips for extra support.

Throughout GBBO, we will be adding recipes here for you to try. We are told that tonight’s episode is all about the Great British cake, including cherry cake and a Swiss roll. So here are a few of recipes to get you started.

Our Rosemary Shrager road trip

We were very excited to receive a personal invitation from Rosemary Shrager to visit her delightful cookery school. Nestled in the adorable Lower Pantiles, in Royal Tunbridge Wells her school is set in a beautiful three storey Regency building. Rosemary also has her elegant ‘Shrager’s Patisserie’ just across the square, with display windows filled with the most delicate pastries and cakes imaginable.

Rosemary’s infectious personality and passion for food was evident as we were taken on a guided tour. Unlike other cookery schools, this one has two very distinct functions; a shiny, high tech professional kitchen and a warm, chic domestic kitchen. We were particularly in awe of the array of state of the art baking kit pristinely sat waiting to be used!!

Rosemary has filled her cookery school with a fantastic team of skilled chefs and we were privileged enough to have a Chef’s Table prepared for us by Executive Chef, John Rogers.

The six course menu was indulgent and innovative, not to mention truly delicious!!!!! Each dish had been personally created just for us and was inspired by Billington’s unrefined sugar; from the wheaten bread starter, the refreshing halibut with cucumber and cheeky hints of mojito, right through to smoked duck with carrot and orange.

As we are of course baking mad, our favourite dish of the day had to be the dessert; a deconstructed Black Forest pudding, consisting a beautiful array of cherry and chocolate components.


The layout of the Chef’s table allowed us to watch each dish being cooked, assembled and meant that we could interact with John as well. He had used ingredients in such inspiring ways that we were just bursting to get back to our kitchen to try out what we had learnt.
Rosemary was the perfect host and we had a wonderful day out exploring her cookery school and tasting the great food on offer.

The cookery school is taking 2014 bookings for Chef Table experiences, One Day, Half Day and Masterclass courses. Further information can be found on

Rosemary will be appearing at the Cake & Bake Show 3-5 October at London’s Earls Court.

Nielsen-Massey have been confirmed as headline sponsor for The Cake and Bake Show

The Cake and Bake Show is back and this year Nielsen-Massey will be headline sponsor for their London show, from 3rd – 5th October at Earls Court.

The event is a must for any cake or bake lover with so many delectable bakes on display. The show received more than 30,000 visitors last year and has everything from baking demos, to cake decorating, plus of course some tasty treats and baking kits for visitors to purchase.

It’s also a fabulous chance to see some of the star speakers such as Eric Lanlard, Rosemary Shrager, Simon Rimmer, The Fabulous Baker Bros and Rachel Khoo.

If that has tickled your taste buds, they’re also offering £10 tickets (usually £14.50) until 14th July. Just follow the link and pop in discount code BM10 to claim.

A Passion for Pâtisserie – Ten Top Tips from Master Pâtissiers William & Suzue Curley

Pâtisserie is what brought us together; it is what drove us to open our first shop in 2004 and it brings joy and happiness to our lives and, we hope, to our customers. As pâtissiers and chocolatiers, we feel that we have a duty to pass on the skills of our craft to the next generation and we take great pride in being able to provide the inspiration to do so.

Our main focus is, of course, to arouse and surprise the taste buds. A pleasure that we hope we can, in some way, bring to everyone, through the recipes in our new book Pâtisserie.  Through Pâtisserie we hope to prove once and for all that creating beautiful pâtisserie in the home kitchen is both achievable and hugely satisfying.

Here are our top tips for creating flawless pâtisserie at home:

1. When using butter in cakes in, allow it to come to room temperature, it will more easily become light and fluffy.

2. When adding eggs to any mixture, ensure you add them slowly, to prevent the mixture separating.

3. When melting chocolate, melt over a water Bain-Marie, with the water hot, but not boiling, as the chocolate will burn if it gets too hot.

4. When preparing pastry, it is important to let the pastry rest for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. This will prevent the pastry shrinking or changing shape upon baking.

5. A good set of digital scales is well worth the investment as precision is essential for successful baking.

6. Sieving dry ingredients is important, thus breaking up any lumps that have formed, when using baking powder it is advisable to sieve with the dry ingredients twice.

7. When whipping cream, insure you have a dry cool bowl, it may worth popping your bowl in the fridge in advance to keep it cool until you need it.

8. I love my chocolate, always pick good quality chocolate, but try use the flavour characteristics to match the flavour of dish/cake you are making.

9. Recipes can be adapted to suit different shapes and sizes of moulds and tins, you don’t always have to buy new equipment when you make something new.

10. Always shop around for good quality ingredients, ideally in season.

Happy baking!

William & Suzue Curley


Pâtisserie by William & Suzue Curley is available to buy online and in all good bookshops now. The book is published by Jacqui Small

More information on the William Curley boutiques can be found here:

A venture into bread baking by Dan

My 4 year old son is taking an increasing interest in what goes on in the kitchen, and I have been struggling with how to encourage this. I’m not the most confident person in the kitchen and my general clumsiness plus lots of sharp and/or hot things didn’t seem like the best mix with curious fingers. And then it hit me…. Let’s bake some bread! So a chair was fetched from the dining room, a bowl, jug and some scales were assembled and off we went.

Baking bread has everything that my little lad is interested in. First of all we used the scales and called out the numbers as they got close to the target. I like to weigh out all the ingredients, even the water as I find I get better results that way. When we poured the flour into a big bowl, he loved running some through his fingers and studying the ‘bits’ (We were using Allinson Country Grain), asking what they were. He also had a go at rubbing the butter into a little flour, but decided that he didn’t want to help with the mixing as it was all ‘a bit sticky’. I tend to rub the butter and mix with only one hand and that really came into its own on this occasion as the inevitable call for a cup of juice could be answered with the clean hand so I didn’t hand my son a doughy cup!

By the time the cup was empty it was time to knead. After a minute of watching, my son wanted to have a go so I broke of a small chunk for him to push about on the worktop. Of course it ended up on the floor, with much giggling about how it went ‘Splat’ so he wanted some more, but after 3 or 4 small balls the dough was ready to rest. We split what was left into balls and put the towel over it together. After an hour building train track he was amazed how it changed and then he kept coming back to the kitchen peering through the oven door (reminding me of a cleaning job I’ve been putting off!) to see how the shape and colour changed in the oven.

As kids do, he then moved on to the next exciting thing to do (usually lego, or turning sofa cushions into a den) but I’m pretty sure that when I pointed out later, that he had helped make the roll he was eating, it made his lunch taste that little bit better. It certainly did for me!

Eurovision baking by Katie


You make call it fickle, but give me a quirky or fun event outside of the norm and I’m racing to get on board. They’re exciting, creative and can be very inspiring.

Given this, Eurovision is the word on my lips spoken with excitement at least twice an hour (to the horror of the rest of the team), and I think a little mention on the blog is long overdue.

‘What has Eurovision got to do with baking?’ I hear you say. Only everything!

It doesn’t have to be just about watching a fantastic and engaging programme that unites the EU; it’s an opportunity to learn about other cultures and, most importantly, their food!

At headquarters we’re asking the office to get their Euro-bake on by hosting a little continental sweepstake. The names of all the countries involved in Eurovision are folded and placed in a draw, the team blind pick a country, then we bake/cook something that represents our pick. Easy.

We can’t wait to share our recipes and photographs on Facebook with you, but until then we’re encouraging you to Euro-bake and would love to hear from you with your recipes and pictures!

Check out the links below for a little inspiration.

Will your bakes be more inspiring than the team’s? Challenge accepted!

Greece:     Spanakopita      

Italy:          Olive Focaccia   

Germany:  Lebkuchen        

Spain:        Tarta de Santiago

Louise’s indulgent vanilla ice cream

Hi everyone!

As a relatively new member of the team and being new to baking, I wanted to try my hand at making something simple but (hopefully) tasty. I chose to make our indulgent vanilla ice cream recipe, just a few steps and a few ingredients, how hard could it be? I don’t have an ice cream maker but I have noticed most ice cream recipes say that they are not necessary, you can just put the mixture in the freezer and stir it often until it freezes.

I began by splitting a vanilla pod and scraping out the seeds to add to the egg yolks. I then heated the milk, milk powder and a couple of teaspoons of sugar in a pan and added the empty vanilla pod. The next stage was to whisk the egg yolks, vanilla seeds and sugar together with an electric whisk, which I hadn’t noticed until I started making it and I didn’t have an electric whisk. It turns out this was quite a fundamental step in making the ice cream. I didn’t whisk the egg yolks and sugar for long or hard enough with my hand whisk so it didn’t mix well with the milk, meaning the custard never thickened and my ice cream remained quite sloppy, despite being left overnight in the freezer.

I was really disappointed and I ended up throwing the mixture away. I didn’t want to let it beat me though and I did still have all of the ingredients to make more so I bought an electric mixer and tried again, this time with much more successful results. The egg and sugar mixture became a lot paler this time and thicker.

Getting it right the second time made the sense of achievement that much greater and more than made up for failing at the first attempt, especially when I had lots of positive feedback about how it tasted! The main thing I have learnt as a novice baker is to always read the recipe to make sure I have everything and to follow the recipe exactly. It sounds simple but an important lesson nonetheless!

Sam’s sweet breakfast with a twist

Nielsen-Massey are encouraging bakers to go on a personal journey to ‘discover what really great flavour tastes like’ by experimenting with their vast range of extracts, pods and bean paste and not wanting to miss out on a great baking opportunity that is exactly what I did.

So what to bake?  I really wanted to embrace this baking challenge head on and break away from the traditional everyday recipes, which took a bit of thinking outside the box, before I reached the idea for our ‘backwards breakfast’. This recipe has a fun ‘Alice in Wonderland’-esq feel to it, as everything is not always as it seems.

With the help of Nielsen-Massey products I filled a delicious chocolate egg with a smooth and creamy white chocolate and vanilla bean mousse and orange blossom curd yolk. Obviously, you can’t have dippy eggs without soldiers, so I accompanied this egg with soft and buttery, lemon extract shortbread fingers, perfectly complimented when dipped in the orange blossom curd.

This was served alongside a cup of coffee latte and vanilla bean mousse topped with an indulgent swirl of vanilla bean cream.

The quality of the Nielsen-Massey extracts and bean pastes really shone through in these recipes and one of the many benefits is that due to the superiority of the flavour you only need to use a very small amount to achieve wonderful results.

I loved using the vanilla bean paste for the white chocolate and vanilla bean mousse as the syrup consistency didn’t thin out the mousse and the flecks of the vanilla bean gave a beautiful visual effect too.

The orange blossom extract gave a wonderful delicate flavour to our curd (egg yolk) which did not overpower the flavour of the white chocolate mousse, as some orange essences sometimes do. The orange blossom curd would act as a great gift too for friends and family and is really versatile being used to fill layer cakes and even doughnuts. See recipe

Individually each of these recipes were simple to make however, using the Nielsen-Massey extracts was definitely my secret weapon in the kitchen turning my baking into show-stopper quality. It was so good, I was even tempted not to reveal our secret ingredient when asked and take all of the credit myself!

This recipe is a great idea to try for an afternoon tea with friends or family over the Easter period, so why not, like I did, join Nielsen-Massey to ‘discover what really great flavour tastes like. See recipe