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Simple chocolate cookies WEB

Our Top 10 Child Friendly Recipes

It’s the summer holidays and you’re at home entertaining the kids. The question is, how to keep them entertained without resorting to game consoles and TV?

Don’t worry, we have your back! We’ve tried and tested our recipes and have narrowed it down to our Top 10 Recipes you can involve the children with.Allinson Pizza dough STAMP

  1. Start with our easy Allinson Flour Pizza Dough recipe, this one takes the longest because of the proving time. What’s feels better than the squidge of dough between your hands? Make sure you apron the kids first! Flour will be guaranteed to get everywhere.

Pizza dough by Allinson

Rainbow Meringues WEB




2. Rainbow meringues. Not as difficult as you think. These colourful individual meringues will ensure your children don’t over indulge. Try mixing colours together for a fun science experiment. Perfect for the up-and-coming scientists in the family.

Rainbow meringues

Cake balls



3. Cake balls! These are easy to make. If your kids can’t agree which flavour to choose, not a problem, separate the ingredients and add whatever flavour you like before rolling into balls. We personally love the Nielson Massey Rose water extract.

Cake balls


Chocolate pancakes with banana WEB

4. One of our quickest and most popular recipe to make with children is pancakes! Try our chocolate pancakes with banana. These are delicious. Fussy eaters won’t eat bananas? Substitute with strawberries. These are sure to be a hit in the kitchen.

Chocolate pancakes with bananas



Fantastic fairy cakes WEB

5. Fairy friendly cake recipe. We promise no fairies were harmed during the recipe creation! This simple batter recipe will bake in 15 minutes. Not too long to wait, but can they wait long enough to ice them? That’s the tricky bit!

Fantastic fairy cakes



Simple chocolate cookies WEB

6. Close the back door when you’re making this one, you don’t want the cookie monster to turn up. This recipe makes 16 cookies. Perfect for sleepovers!

Simple chocolate cookies



Hot Dog Rolls WEBjpg



7. There’s nothing better than the idea of a barbecue. These Allinson bread rolls are easy to make and are the perfect accompaniment to hot dogs. With a 20 minute baking time, it would be rude not to.

Hot dog rolls by Allinson

8. Chocolate Dipped ApplesChocolate dipped apples. One of your 5 a day! No ovens involved, these are a great idea for all ages. Really simple and quick to make



Chocolate dipped apples

No bake chocolate cake


9. No bake chocolate cake. These bars are great. It’s easy to make substitutions if the fussy eaters don’t want things like glace cherries.

No bake chocolate cake



10. Lemonade WEBAfter all this hard work, you’ll all be quite thirsty. Just like the old days, you can reminisce with your children about how freshly homemade lemonade was the ultimate thirst quencher and how it still is now!

Cloudy lemonade

This will take no more than 10 minutes to make and involves no baking. Perfect for the younger ones who want to be involved.






A venture into bread baking by Dan

My 4 year old son is taking an increasing interest in what goes on in the kitchen, and I have been struggling with how to encourage this. I’m not the most confident person in the kitchen and my general clumsiness plus lots of sharp and/or hot things didn’t seem like the best mix with curious fingers. And then it hit me…. Let’s bake some bread! So a chair was fetched from the dining room, a bowl, jug and some scales were assembled and off we went.

Baking bread has everything that my little lad is interested in. First of all we used the scales and called out the numbers as they got close to the target. I like to weigh out all the ingredients, even the water as I find I get better results that way. When we poured the flour into a big bowl, he loved running some through his fingers and studying the ‘bits’ (We were using Allinson Country Grain), asking what they were. He also had a go at rubbing the butter into a little flour, but decided that he didn’t want to help with the mixing as it was all ‘a bit sticky’. I tend to rub the butter and mix with only one hand and that really came into its own on this occasion as the inevitable call for a cup of juice could be answered with the clean hand so I didn’t hand my son a doughy cup!

By the time the cup was empty it was time to knead. After a minute of watching, my son wanted to have a go so I broke of a small chunk for him to push about on the worktop. Of course it ended up on the floor, with much giggling about how it went ‘Splat’ so he wanted some more, but after 3 or 4 small balls the dough was ready to rest. We split what was left into balls and put the towel over it together. After an hour building train track he was amazed how it changed and then he kept coming back to the kitchen peering through the oven door (reminding me of a cleaning job I’ve been putting off!) to see how the shape and colour changed in the oven.

As kids do, he then moved on to the next exciting thing to do (usually lego, or turning sofa cushions into a den) but I’m pretty sure that when I pointed out later, that he had helped make the roll he was eating, it made his lunch taste that little bit better. It certainly did for me!

Sam’s Sourdough Loaf

Following a recent move to my new home, I decided that it was a perfect opportunity to begin a new sourdough starter. Using the starter recipe, I filled a large 1litre kilner jar with 70g flour and 70ml water, giving it a good whisk together with a mini whisk until all the lumps of flour had been dispersed. I left the sourdough in pride position in my warm kitchen and set my phone as a reminder to feed again the same time next day.

The following day I repeated the process, and perhaps due to the extreme warm weather, the starter was bubbling and increasing in size in no time. I found that due to the sealed lid on my kilner jar I felt the need to open it and let out some of the air pressure when I passed by it in the kitchen, as I had heard tales of monstrous sourdough starters that had built up excess C02 pressure and burst open!

By day 3 of feeding my sourdough it had begun to develop a rather unsavoury smell, which whilst perfectly normal for a starter, does make you want to reach for the air freshener! I took it as a sign that the starter was doing its sweet merry little thing and bubbles continue to produce following each feed.

Day 4/5 I noticed that the sourdough had appeared to separate with a liquid layer on the top. Some sources suggest that you pour away this top liquid and others say to mix back in with the starter. I must say that I tried both methods and both seemed to keep my sourdough starter ticking away nicely.

By day 6 the kilner jar was beginning to fill up near the top – in hindsight I think I probably needed a bigger jar than expected (perhaps a 1.5/2 litre). There was an unfortunate incident on this day when the starter decided to make an escape from the jar and run all over my new kitchen surfaces! That was the day the starter was nicknamed by the family as ‘The Beast’.

Day 7 and I couldn’t wait any longer to bake my first sourdough loaf . Before baking, I would recommend that you have a whole day spare, as unlike a standard loaf, sourdough takes an age to prove – but it is totally worth the wait believe me!

Over 6 hours later the dough was ready to be baked, so I scored the top with a knife and baked in two batches in the oven. Although the loaves were only small on this occasion, they certainly made up for it in flavour and the second loaf was given away to family members as a dinner gift.

I fed the starter again the next day to top it up a little and have stored it in the fridge now, with a view to feeding it once a week. I plan to bake another loaf next weekend before experimenting with other sourdough style recipes.

Whilst the sourdough starter can seem a bit high maintenance to begin with, it’s certainly worth the wait so give it a try!

Click here for our sourdough starter recipe

Click here for our Sourdough bread recipe



Show Your Spots, Bake & Raise Lots

Allinson Nature Friendly Self Raising FlourAllinson’s have teamed up with supermarket giant Asda to help raise money for this year’s BBC Children in Need appeal. The annual event which will take place on 18th November will help raise money for disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

To support the appeal Allinson’s will be donating 15p from the sale of special packs of their Nature Friendly Plain White and Self Raising flours to the charity. The special packs, which will feature the iconic Pudsey bear character, are due to go on sale in November and are available exclusively at Asda supermarkets. So next time you’re out shopping be sure to look out for Pudsey in the home baking aisle!

And, once you’ve bought your flour, why not raise even more money by baking some scrumming treats for a cake sale? Allison’s flour is expertly produced by British millers and is a great quality ingredient that can be used in a whole host of recipes. We love these super cute Pudsey biscuits.

Pudsey Biscuits

To create these delightful treats, just download our Pudsey template and have your Silver Spoon decorating icings at the ready!

With your support, we’ll be able to make a real difference to the lives of children all across the UK. So go on show your spots, bake and raise lots for BBC Children in Need!

National Baking Week

Whisks at the ready, National Baking Week is finally here! Yes, that’s right, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, put on your pinny and get baking for Britain.

Fronted by Ruth Clemens, finalist of 2010’s Great British Bake Off and popular author of The Pink Whisk blog, National Baking Week aims to get Britain back into the kitchen. The campaign is being sponsored by some of the biggest names in the world of home baking including Billington’s, Allinson, Silver Spoon, Happy Eggs and Pyrex.

Celebrations kicked off in the capital yesterday and we were at St Pancras station to see the unveiling of this rather impressive creation.

National Baking Week

The seven foot cake, which recreates a map of the London underground, along with several of the city’s most famous landmarks, is made from a variety of different recipes and baking techniques.

National Baking Week

Visit the National Baking Week website to to see how this amazing cake was put together. Plus there’s a chance to win some great prizes throughout, including a Baking Mad hamper.


Allinson Bread Stockist


Allinson Brown Batch with The Taste of Sourdough Bread is available from Tesco (from 19th September), ASDA (from 12th September), Sainsbury (from 2nd September), Morrisons (from 2nd September) and Ocado.

Allinson Sunflower and Pumpkin Bread is available from Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons and Ocado

Allinson Wholemeal Bread 800g is available from Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado, Iceland and some Convenience Stores.

Allinson Wholemeal Bread 400g is available from Morrisons, Iceland and some Convenience Stores.

Thomas Allinson Victorian Recipes

Thomas Allinson is an important figure in the history of bread and flour in Britian. A pioneer of his time, in 1892 Thomas Allinson founded his famous mill making wholemeal flour (similar to that Allinson produce today) which bakers then crafted into wholemeal loaves. In 1982 Thomas Allinson was ridiculed for this beliefs that wholemeal was healthier for the British public but today we realise he was a genius of his time!!

Allinson Bread and Flour products follow similar ethics that Thomas Allinson held back in 1892. For example two slices of Allinson Wholemeal Bread topped with oat bran, made with 100% whole grain flour provides you with 100% of your daily whole grain! How great is that!

To celebrate this we have added some of Thomas Allinson recipes to Baking exclusively for our lovely members to try! Please note however, we hold no fault for the outcome of these interesting  and eccentric baking ideas!! Hope you have fun with these Victorian classics including Almond Cheesecake, Apple Cake, and Coconut Rock Cakes

Upload your bread recipes onto Baking Mad’s facebook page Baking Mad UK between 16th October and 7th October to win an Allinson Hamper. 30 Runners Up will receive copy of Allinson Essays packed full of more information on the wonderful yet eccentric Thomas Allinson

Allinson Bread Baking and New Look

 At Baking Mad we love to make bread using the finest ingredients from Allinson Flour, but sometimes we understand when we are in a rush we need to use readymade bread. Also when we are baking our favourite recipes like summer fruits pudding or apple charlotte we won’t make bread specifically to then bake with it! That’s just silly!

When buying readymade bread we always choose Allinson Bread particularly the wholemeal topped with oat bran. Made with 100% whole grain flour and slowly batch baked for a softer texture its perfect for baking! What’s even better is that two slices of Allinson Wholemeal bread provides you with 100% of your daily whole grain – baking using a healthier option – what more could be better!

Other breads they have within the range include Sunflower and Pumpkin which combines white & wholemeal flours with crunchy sunflower & pumpkin seeds. Two slices of Allinson Sunflower & Pumpkin bread provides you with 40% of your daily whole grain! So what better excuse than to get baking with it!!

They have also launched a Brown Batch with the Taste of Sourdough which as all you bakers in the know will realise is bang on trend and again two slices of this bread provides you with 65% of your daily whole grain. If this new Allinson bread has inspired you to have a go at making your own sour dough bread why not have a go at making your own sour dough bread recipe.

You might notice Allison Bread has a new look in store to, the packaging now looks more like our favourite Allinson flour so will be easier to find for Baking Mad members! To celebrate this re launch the lovely people at Allinson Flour have given us some inside information on in store discounts for our very privileged Baking Mad members. The range is only £1 in the following stores:

Morrisions from now! (2nd September) for 4 weeks

Sainsbury from now! (2nd September) for 4 weeks

Asda from 12th September for 4 weeks

Tesco from 19th September for 4 weeks

You will also be VERY pleased to know this is the date that the special new Taste of Sourdough bread is available.

Happy Bread Baking!!

JORDANS Free Allinson Yeast

REGISTER NOW for your free sachet of Allinson Easy Bake Yeast!


Click HERE to register for your free sample and don’t forget to mention in the ‘Recommended by a Friend Box’ JORDANS 

“JORDANS Free Allinson Yeast” Promotion Terms & Conditions

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No purchase necessary for entry.

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Bake & Save with Sainsbury’s

Bake & Save with Sainsbury’s – get incredible savings off all your baking items from 20th July – 31st August.

Keep the kids entertained with fantastic deals across the entire baking range. Get your hands on great offers on a wide range of home baking ingredients. 

Just some of the products included are – 33% off Allinson Nature Friendly Flours was £1.14 now 79p, 33% off Silver Spoon Cakecraft Dark Chocolate Chips was 72p now 48p, 33% off Silver Spoon Sugar Strands was 79p now 32p.  There are so many more products available…Check out Sainsbury’s Bake & Save page now for more details. 

Don’t forget if you’re stuck for recipe ideas to have a look on our website for some inspiration.