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WIN £150 cash PLUS a masterclass with Eric Lanlard is sponsoring the Cake and Bake Show this year, and YOU have a chance to WIN £150 cash PLUS a masterclass with Eric Lanlard!   

Here’s how:

Gingerbread fans across the country are being invited to reserve a plot in the Tastiest Gingerbread Village at the Manchester Cake & Bake Show in April.

Competitors can enter their plans for their unique gingerbread structure online, and the organisers will select the most promising entrants to bring their creation to the show to form part of the gingerbread village display.

Winners will be selected by a judging panel including master patissiere Eric Lanlard, and prizes will be awarded in both adult and junior categories.

The judges will be looking for originality, creativity, build structure, innovative design and of course taste.

Billington’s unrefined sugars are the perfect ingredient for your gingerbread recipe. Locking in, rather than refining out, the natural molasses of the sugar cane this process ensures Billington’s has a unqiue richness and taste which will transform your home baking.

The organisers are keen not to restrict your imagination and so the only real limitations are the size of the plot – 12 x 12 inches, with entrants free to create any structure from gingerbread, not just houses, with landscaping and gardens etc encouraged. So be inspired by your childhood memories of the edible creations in Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Hansel and Gretel and send in your ideas for your candy-clad constructions today via


There are just two categories – adults and juniors – so it’s a competition open to all – and with £150 cash PLUS a masterclass with master patissiere Eric Lanlard (worth £195!) on offer as the first prize in the adult category, as well as £100 cash for the runner up, why not enter? Junior winners will receive £100 cash and a Billington’s goody bag, with £50 cash for the runner up.


For design inspiration visit the Cake & Bake Shows’ pinterest board for the competition –

And for the tastiest gingerbread ingredients, visit

Good luck!

Your baking questions – answered!

The lovely Eric Lanlard recently held an online web chat in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Check out the transcript below for some fantastic baking tips and other questions for Eric.

If you were decorating a special cake, what decoration would you choose?

I am a great fan of edible glitter and gold leaf. It’s a glamorous touch!

Is it ok to buy pastry pre-made? I’m not talking about short crust, obviously, but the more tricky ones?

Yes absolutely – if you do have the time and are a confident baker I would suggest making your own puff pastry – but for those of you short on time buying good quality puff pastry or filo pastry is absolutely fine.

We all know you are amazing at making sweet treats, but this year we’re thinking of making something savoury for our World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. What are your favourite savoury bites?

My current favourite is fig, lardon and dolcelatte tart. I’m a big fan of savoury bakes because I don’t actually have a sweet tooth.

I have seen your gypsy tart recipe in the Little Book of Treats. Are there any tips for me to make it perfect? Also, what goes well with a gypsy tart?

A top tip is to make sure that you put the tin of condensed milk in the fridge overnight so that it is really cold. To serve, try a dollop of mascarpone cheese with grated lemon zest to cut through the sweetness. Happy baking!

Which do you prefer to use: Italian, Swiss or French meringue?

It depends on what you are making. I love Italian meringue to decorate cupcakes and desserts. For dry meringues, I prefer the French. I’ve never really been a fan of Swiss meringue.

What was the first cake you ever remember baking?

I made some chocolate éclairs aged 6 and it was a disaster!

What’s your ultimate dessert recipe book? Is there one that you use all the time that never fails?

The Roux Brothers book – On Patisserie – a lot of classic and great basic recipes.

When making basic sponge, should I use cold eggs or room temp? I have heard mixed messages.

Always have all of your ingredients at room temperature for best results.

Do you have any favourite gluten-free or vegan cake recipes or tips?

There are some delicious recipes only using ground almonds as a substitute for flour but gluten-free flours are very good these days. For vegan recipes I would suggest that you search dedicated/specialist websites or books. I hope that helps.

I have had quite a few disastrous attempts at baking macaroons. Are there any recipes you recommend using, or tips on how to get the consistency right?

A good macaroon should be a little bit chewy. It might be worth trying a different technique or recipe to improve results.

I’m baking a chocolate cake this weekend for my friend’s birthday, however I’m not the best cake decorator! Do you of know of any good decorating kits which I can use?

I love using the Silverspoon Creates range – perfect for everyday cake decorating and they are available in most supermarkets.

If you really, really wanted to impress someone, what would you bake them? What’s your most show-stopping cake?

I would bake a mini croquembouche to share – it’s a traditional French celebration cake. A tower of profiteroles filled with crème patissier. It’s very impressive.

Are there any plans for more series of Baking Mad? I really love that programme.

Not as yet but working on a bigger project – watch this space! I’m glad that you like the series.

What a tease! Please give us a clue!

My lips are sealed!

I really love your recipe in the Little Book of Treats. Why have you chosen to support Macmillan and their coffee morning this year?

I am supporting the Macmillan Coffee morning because it’s an important cause – Macmillan do an amazing job and it’s a fantastic charity and resource. Baking is a great way for people to get involved and have fun and support a very worth cause.

I’m holding a coffee morning at work this year. I love baking and am really looking forward to rustling up some treats for everyone in the office. My question for you is how do I transport all my baked goodies without ruining them?

There are some fantastic cake and cupcake carriers online – have a Google. Good luck with your coffee morning.

I wonder if you could recommend a cake I could bake especially for my Mum? She will be chief guest at my coffee morning. Mum loves fruit, if that helps.

If your mum loves fruit, I would recommend my upside-down berry cake – perfect for the end of the summer season.

Can you recommend any recipe with salted caramel in it? I’m a bit obsessed!

I would recommend my salted butter caramel mousse with mini pears – the recipe can be found in my book Home Bake.

I’m killing Google these days but no luck. Have you posted somewhere the recipe for that energy-packed apple pie you made for the wheelchair rugby club? Unfortunately the video is not available in my country so I can’t watch it again! Thanks. Croatia loves you.

That recipe for the Wheelchair Rugby Club will be on the website. It was from series 1 of Baking Mad. I love Croatia!

Does anyone know how I can get involved with the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning?

It’s great that you want to get involved – find out more on the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning site.

I’m away the weekend of the 28th September. Can I still hold a Coffee Morning? I’ve held one for the last two years, and everyone always really enjoys them!

It’s fine to hold one on a different day – thanks so much for wanting to get involved.

If you could eat any dessert in the world what would it be?

A piping hot pear tatin with crème fraiche.

My dad’s diabetic but loves cheesecake – is there any other way to make him one apart from using a sweetener instead of sugar?

I would suggest using an alternative to sugar like Truvia.

I take it that would work in other types of cakes for diabetics, too?

Yes, but it’s also worth experimenting and visit the website for recipe ideas.

What’s the most amount of cake you’ve ever baked in one day? It feels like it takes me all day to bake and ice a cake.

The most I have baked in one day was 5000 cupcakes in one day for a very glamorous event!

Are there any other events coming up where you will be sharing your expertise?

I am going to be at the Cake and Bake Show on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September, Earls Court. I hope to see you there!

How can I stop the biscuit base on an uncooked cheesecake from going soggy, before I have cut it?

I like to toast my base in a hot oven for a few minutes to enhance the flavour and to keep it crisp before putting the filling on top.

Whenever I bake cupcakes they are always crispy on the outside but soft in the middle. Do you know why that is?

It could be your oven temperature – have you checked it using an oven thermometer?

Are you doing the local hero competition again this year? I’ve got someone I’d like to nominate.

I am supporting Silver Spoon’s Local Little Hero Award in aid of Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. We’re encourage more people to get baking and also select a little local hero to win an extra special cake baked by me and be crowned a local hero.

Eric Lanlard answers all your baking questions

Calling all Baking Mad fans!

In advance of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning we’ve teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support to bring you a live web chat with Eric Lanlard on Macmillan’s Online Community (

Grab your diary and add in 14th September from 12 – 1pm to join Eric who will be on hand to answer all your baking questions.

Whether you want to produce the perfect pastry, master the art of the soufflé or if you’re simply in need of some inspiration, join in and put Eric to the test.

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask all those baking questions that have been tickling your taste buds.

To find out more, or to join our online chat, please click here to visit the Macmillan online community!

Silver Spoon’s Local Little Hero Awards

Do you know a little hero with a sweet tooth?

Eric Lanlard will be baking our Local Little Hero 2012 a delicious cake.

Our friends at Silver Spoon have teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support to launch the Silver Spoon Local Little Hero Awards 2012. They are scouring the country for local heroes under the age of 18 who have done something truly special. Your local little hero could have looked after their little sister when they were ill, gone to great lengths to make Mother’s Day very special, or done something fantastic to raise money for charity.

If you know someone under 18 in your local area who you think would be a worthy winner, simply tell us in 100 words who you are nominating, why and what cake you would like to bake them to say thank you. 10 lucky runners up will also bag themselves a Silver Spoon baking hamper packed full of exciting treats. The competition closes on 20th September so get your nominations in now.

It’s the perfect chance to say thank you to your little hero so nominate today to make your hero’s day.

Click here to enter.

Nielsen Massey Vanilla Workshop

Recently Baking Mad attended a fabulous workshop hosted by pure vanilla experts Nielsen-Massey, educating people about the history of vanilla and the importance of quality vanilla in baking.

Nielsen-Massey ambassador Eric Lanlard hosted the event at his shop ‘Cake Boy’ in London, where members of the media and food bloggers assembled to enjoy a selection of vanilla inspired canapes and mini desserts along with a few glasses of champagne.

Eric discussed the production of vanilla and about how the world’s finest vanilla is grown in the warm, moist, tropical climates of Madagascar. He explained that vanilla pods, or beans as they are commonly called, are the fruit of an orchid, and that of the thousands of varieties of orchid, the vanilla plant is the only one known to produce an edible fruit. The flower of the vanilla orchid opens for only part of one day and if not pollinated on this day pods will not be produced.  This is why Nielsen-Massey hand pollinate each and every flower, over the two to three month flowering period to ensure a plentiful crop.

Nielsen-Massey use an exclusive cold extraction process to slowly and gently draw the delicate and distinctive flavour from the vanilla beans.  This process differs from all other processes as it doesn’t use heat or pressure when extracting.  The vanilla is extracted under precise temperature control at 72 degrees Fahrenheit, using a specially constructed stainless steel extractor, after the beans are loaded into the extractor, an alcohol and water solution is pumped continuously over and through the beans.  It can be a lengthy process, taking three to five weeks to complete depending on the batch type being produced.  The finished vanilla is then filtered into a holding tank ready for bottling.

We were invited to observe three small dishes in front of us containing vanilla essence, vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste. Eric highlighted the difference between the three, with the vanilla paste and extract having a denser texture and a much more poignant vanilla smell. The vanilla essence was more fluid and clear with a synthetic smell, and Eric explained that synthetic vanilla essence is shockingly what 98% of the world still use as a flavour and fragrance. It’s obvious to see that the Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Paste would bring a stronger, more amazing flavour to your baking.

Eric demonstrated his favourite vanilla recipe, a Nielsen-Massey Fraisier. Using copious amounts of Nielsen-Massey extract and bean paste he assembled this strawberry delight, topping it with toasted marzipan and hand decorating it with chocolate. Fabulous!

Every attendee received a lovely Nielsen-Massey goody bag containing Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Bean Paste, Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract, a Nielsen-Massey branded apron and an individually wrapped Cake Boy vanilla cupcake using Nielsen-Massey and topped with a golden vanilla pod.

Thank you to everyone who attended on the day I think we all had a fantastic time. We hope you enjoy using Nielsen Massey vanilla products forevermore to make your baking totally delicious.

An Update from Eric

Salut A Tous!!!!

I hope you have been enjoying the amazing weather which we have been having all this week  – what a difference the sunshine makes, if only it could last!  The terrace at Cake Boy has been filled with happy and smiling customers – we all hope it lasts for the Easter weekend.

Talking of Easter, I am escaping back to Brittany to see my family.  It is going to be great to catch up.   I am staying at a new boutique hotel which has just opened – I grew up being  fascinated by the hotel in it’s former life – it was a big mansion and I used to say to myself “one day I will be rich enough to buy that house!”.  So it’s funny that I will be staying there. 

I will find time while I am at ‘home’ to pop-in and say hello to my mentor Herve Le Grand and the team the Patisserie where I did my apprenticeship all of those years ago.

This week I launched the Eric Lanlard Afternoon Tea at the 5-star Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel –  just off London’s most fashionable shopping district –Sloane Street.

It is a great partnership to have with such an iconic hotel.  The inspiration of the Afternoon Tea is travel through the flavours, tastes and scent of the Middle East and I have called it Reves d’orient.   It is served in the hotel’s gorgeous Chinoiserie restaurant lounge and if you are visiting London and want to meet friends for a delicious afternoon tea, it’s a real treat and you can book by calling 020 7 235 1234.


We are going to be releasing our next set of dates for the cookery school classes at Cake Boy since the summer schedule is almost full.  It proves that people really are BakingMad.  The autumn schedule will see new classes added that will include some pastry classes but also some savoury baking to tie-in with my soon to be published book – Tart it Up!  So watch this space for new dates…

We run private classes for special occasions like such as hen, birthday and corporate days, etc, but yesterday, I ran for the second time a private class for Teens Unite.  The charity was set up by the lovely Karen Millen.  They look after teenagers who are suffering from cancer.  As well as looking after the teenagers they involve their family by organising days out.  The visit to Cake Boy was one of them – it was great fun –  it was nice for all those teenagers to be able to discuss their issues amongst each other whilst making cup cakes.  They were able to talk freely with people of their own age group.  A very positive day and it is a pleasure to be involved with such a well-run charity.  I’m sure that they will be back – hopefully very soon.

So Monday will be the last episode of the current series of Baking Mad With Eric Lanlard. I know you are all going to miss your daily fix of sweet Baking at 12.05pm  but no need to panic just yet because the show is still available to watch on 4OD.  So there is plenty of time to re-watch your favourite episodes or watch ones that you have missed.

I am working on few new projects in the coming months and I can tell you we will be back on your screen very soon with even more exciting recipes and programmes.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter or A JOYEUSES PAQUES !!!! as I will be saying in France!

Gros Bisous

Eric xx

An Update from Eric


Oh what an exciting week it has been!  The weekend kicked off with a great opening – I was invited to my first rugby match at Twickenham. It was the clash of the titans – Ireland v England on St Patrick’s Day – phenomenal despite the awful weather.  It started with pre-match drinks and food with the fine company of many English rugby players (yes my hosts are very keen England rugby supporters). Olly Kohn who plays for Harlequins and runs a sausage company – Jolly Hogan Sausages – with his brother provided the freshly roasted sausages and hog roast – the atmosphere like the sausages was sizzling!  And of course England won so a great result all round!

Olly let me into a secret that Harlequin Rugby Club like so many other rugby clubs has got a secret baking club…..Ooops it is no longer a secret now …. :o)

For those of you who have been watching the Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard series – and looking at the ever growing ratings – there is a lot of you out there I have some answers to your questions. I thought I would share with you my ‘little black book’ of  suppliers.  But first of all I must address one of the most frequently asked questions – after a cameo appearance a week or so ago  – yes, my cat Bobby is a Maine Coon.  Back to my list of suppliers –they are – in no particular order: – this is where I buy all of my flavourings for macaroons and chocolate, rare dried ingredients -eg green tea, bee pollen, dried flowers, popping candy…

Continental Chef Supplies – for all specialised patisserie equipment eg mousse rings, individual mousse mould sets, croquembouche cones etc…

Squires Kitchen – for sugar paste, petal paste, food colouring, edible glitter, moulding chocolate etc…

FPC Sugarcraft – silicone moulds for glamorous cupcake toppings and decorations etc…

Joseph & Joseph – all the colourful and beautiful equipment – eg chopping boards, scales, spatulas, rolling pins etc…

Finally, after a busy week of cupcake and spring baking classes I found time to relax well sort of… I was invited to see the ever fabulous magician Hans Klok.   Hans is originally from Holland but he should have been born on the stage in Vegas.   I have never seen anything like it in this country – it was a great production, fantastic music and the magical tricks were unbelievable! I have seen  many magic shows in my time (I love magic) but I have never seen so many people disappear on stage  or  tables flying over the audience in the space of two hours!  The best thing of all was being able to meet Han after the show –  he is a genuine and lovely guy – we can’t wait for his return to the UK in February 2013. 

All that is left for me to say is enjoy the spring the sunshine – long may it last – it is definitely the weather for some serious baking!

Until next week…

Eric x

Nancy makes Eric Lanlard’s Best Carrot Cake

Hi everyone, it’s me again.

As you’re probably all well aware we are currently in the middle of Series Two of Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard, on Channel 4 every weekday at 12.05pm. It’s been an exciting series so far with many delicious cakes and desserts being made. Some of our fabulous bloggers have been having a go at some of Eric’s recipes from the show so I thought why shouldn’t I have a go too!

I was torn between Erics Best Banana Cake and Erics Best Carrot Cake but in the end went for the carrot cake mainly because I didn’t have any ripe bananas and also because I LOVE carrot cake.


Eric’s Best Carrot Cake
(I halved the recipe because I only wanted to make one loaf)
3 Eggs  
175 grams Light Muscovado Sugar (Billington’s)  
200 ml Ground nut oil  
200 grams Self Raising Flour (Allinson Nature Friendly)  
1 tsp Cinnamon ground 
1 tsp Nutmeg ground 
200 grams Carrots grated 
100 grams Sultanas golden 
100 grams Walnuts roasted halves

For the icing:
125 grams Unsalted Butter  
50 grams Cream cheese  
300 grams Golden Icing Sugar (Billington’s) 

Handful of walnuts
Handful of sultanas

First of all preheat your oven to 150C. Grease a regular 25cmx11cm (10×4.25 inch) loaf tin with butter and line with baking paper

Add the light muscovado sugar and ground nut oil to a mixing bowl. Break 3 eggs and add to the mixture and whisk.

Grate the carrots into the bowl and mix. Add the walnuts and sultanas to the bowl and mix. (Eric suggested golden sultanas and I wasn’t too sure what they were so I just used regular)

In a seperate bowl sift in the flour, cinnamon and nutmeg. Fold the mixture until fully mixed.

Pour the mixture into the loaf tins. Cook in a preheated oven for 40-45 minutes. (I had to leave mine in for an extra ten minutes because it didn’t seem cooked yet, but my oven isn’t that great) 

Half way through cooking, use a sharp knife to cut lengthways along the top of the loaf to create a dome like effect. I thought this was a fab tip, I had never known that’s how you do it! 

Once cooked, remove from tins and allow to cool.

For the frosting, place the butter and cream cheese in a mixing bowl. Add in the icing sugar and 1tsp of vanilla extract and mix with a hand whisker. Decant the frosting into a bowl and pop in the fridge to firm up (but not for too long, my frosting became a bit too hard and was difficult to spread!)

When firm take a palette knife and holding the loaf in your hands spread the frosting on starting around the sides and then piling it high on top. Smooth over the frosting for an even finish. For the final touch, sprinkle golden sultanas and walnuts on the top and dust with icing sugar.

Ta-dah! I was quite happy with it!

An Update From Eric

Hello Baking Mad fans!

How was your baking mad week ?

Hopefully you are still getting lots of baking inspiration from the series and our amazing contributors …  I just love how everybody is tweeting about which guest will win the bake-off (and which colour socks I will be wearing!!)

Did anyone notice the special cameo appearance of my cat Bobby earlier this week?  She passed through the kitchen while the cameras were rolling and I think she enjoyed all the attention!  She was very well behaved, as always, and loved all the attention she received from the lovely crew – fortunately she doesn’t have a sweet tooth, or it could have been very different..  Actually, her  favourite food is tomato sauce , she’s an unusual cat!

I’ve had a busy time this week – at the weekend I flew to Edinburghfor the Scottish fund raising diner of BACK UP .  Aside from supporting this amazing charity, it was also a great opportunity to wear my 20th century kilt   -I had it made to measure from black Scottish Wool (it’s great to wear casually too, with a t shirt and boots).

Anyway, we raised a lot of money and stayed for the whole weekend.  I managed to fit in a dinner at Tom Kitchin’s restaurant, The Kitchin, and the food was incredible – my friends and I went in for the full 9 course tasting menu and pairing wine.  It was absolutely delicious, lots of fresh fish and seafood, along with some great deserts and puddings.  It is a must for anyone visitingEdinburghand a great treat!  Tom wasn’t able to be there when we visited, but he welcomed us in his absence with a bottle of rose champagne on ice.  Thank you Tom!

Alongside all this, I’ve been working on recipes and a new exciting project this week, so I am looking forward to my weekend.  I’ve been invited to the England/Ireland match at Twickenham, we’re having drinks and food before kick-off and the atmosphere is going to be electric as it’s St Patrick’s Day (I’ll let you know how I get on in next week’s blog).  I’m going to try to keep neutral, but I know my host is going to be shouting forEngland.

Wishing you a great Baking weekend!


PS: if you missed some of the BAKING MAD WITH ERIC episodes, watch the all series on MORE4 every Sunday at 8pm 2 episodes back to back!


An Update From Eric


So here we are – Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard is finally on our screens!  It’s so exciting, it looks terrific, in full HD format and our production team did an amazing job.

It is nice to see the Cake Boy HQ in action as well during the daily bake-Off.  Our contributors are fantastic too – they had a great time taking part, even if they didn’t make it to the Master Class.  I love reading their comments on their blogs, facebook and twitter and congratulations to the winner and runner-up of my Twitter competition –  I will be doing the same again next week, so keep sending in those pictures! 

Don’t forget if you miss the show you can always catch up on 4oD  and keep watching for inspiration and look out for those stripy baking socks!!

As much as I love baking – I also love cooking too and am always on the look out for a good cookery book.  I like them to be accessible and easy to follow so I was really excited to be  invited to the launch of Fay Ripley’s new book, ‘What’s For Dinner’.  Aside from being entertaining and seriously funny, I like the way she makes cooking easy.  At the launch they served some of the food from the book and it was simply divine.   All washed down with English Rose sparkling wine.  It was a great evening and I highly recommend the book.










Another great book to look out for is ‘Recipes from my Mother for my Daughter’ by Lisa Faulkner, Celebrity Master Chef winner.  Again this book is very bright, very home made and I simply love the Simmel cake on the cover. You do not see enough of these cakes at Easter anymore and I love a slice of it with a good cuppa!

And finally for my little Book Club special, a clip from my friends at The Thoughtful Bread Company based in the beautiful city of Bath. These boys are fun, loveable and can seriously bake fantastic bread.  I’ve already tried some of their recipes and they work very well.  The recipes are so imaginative – it is a proper bread revolution!  This short video sums up what they and their book are all about!

 So what is your new favourite baking or cook book?  I would love to hear from you. Don’t forget you can always tweet me @EricLanlard or use #bakingmad.

I am off to Edinburgh this evening for a charity dinner with Back Up.  I always get excited for this annual dinner as I love Scotlandand it is an opportunity to wear my kilt and practise my Scottish dancing moves!  Pictures next week…

A bientot! Keep it Sweet and unrefined!!!