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World Baking Day sponsored by Stork







Since its launch in 1920, Stork has established itself as one of the most trusted names in home baking.

Whether you’re baking cupcakes for tea with the girls, a light and fluffy Victoria sponge for a picnic or rustling up some delicious cookies, Stork contains just the right fat content for baking many types of cakes, biscuits, crumbles, puddings and pastries.

This month we are asking you to conquer a cake you’ve never baked before, for World Baking Day 2013, which takes place on Sunday 19th May.
The global event is sponsored by Stork and the theme for 2013 is to ‘Bake Brave’. From novice to master baker, food blogger to food celebrity, World Baking Day has been introduced to inspire people to step out of their baking comfort zone.

World Baking Day has collected 100 Bake Brave recipes ( ranging in difficulty from ambassadors around the world; from Level 1 for a complete novice, up to Level 100 for a master baker. Check out the website or try your hand at some of our delicious Stork recipes. You could even win a Stork baking hamper packed full of baking goodies, just click here to enter!


Burn Calories with Tabasco

Feeling bloated after all that festive food and drink? One too many mince pies?

Why not kick start your diet today with a metabolism-boosting dash of TABASCO® sauce?

Yes, that’s right, TABASCO® sauce is all you need to create health-conscious meals that are full of flavour. Not only are TABASCO® sauces naturally low in calories, carbs and cholesterol a recent study by researchers at Oxford Brookes University have now found that half a teaspoon of TABASCO® sauce can raise your metabolism by up to 25%, helping you to burn more calories. Not bad, eh?

And if that wasn’t reason enough to love TABASCO® sauce, here’s 5 more reasons why we can’t get enough of the stuff!

1. It’s pure. TABASCO® contains no artificial ingredients whatsoever. In fact Original TABASCO® Sauce is made with just three natural ingredients: fully aged red peppers, Avery Island salt and high quality distilled vinegar.

2. It’s low calorie. Because of the lack of high-calorie ingredients, TABASCO® sauce is an appropriate condiment to aid in weight loss and is great for spicing up that boring old salad. So go ahead; splash it on whatever you like. Or better yet, pour it on whatever you don’t!

3. It’s low in Salt. One bottle of TABASCO® contains less than 2% of salt. Not all spicy sauces are this low in sodium, so read your labels!

4. It’s been produced the same way since 1868. TABASCO® brand products are still family-owned and produced on Avery Island, Louisiana, in much the same way as they were over 140 years ago.

5. It’s versatile. TABASCO® Sauce is all you need to create health-conscious meals that are full of flavour. Add it to everything from your salad to your eggs and even fish to make healthy dishes taste extra delicious. Click here for lots of inspiration!

And if you love TABASCO® Sauce as much as us, don’t miss your chance to win a snazzy oven glove and apron set in our fabulous competition.

Truvia the calorie-free alternative to Sugar

Truvia Calorie-free SweeteneerThe search for a safe, great tasting, calorie-free alternative to sugar is now over!

Truvia calorie free sweetener comes from the best-tasting components of the natural Stevia leaf and is a high purity sweetener that is consistent in quality and taste.

The great thing about Truvia is that it’s refreshingly uncomplicated to use. Just one spoonful of Truvia provides the same sweetness as one teaspoon of sugar. Sprinkle it on your grapefruit, spoon it in your tea and try it in your baking. It won’t end up on your conscience- or your thighs. And because Truvia is naturally calorie free, it is a great alternative for people with diabetes or those watching their waistlines.

Why not give one of our scrumptious Truvia recipes a try?

Discover the taste of JUST MILK

JUST_MILK_SkimmedPicture the scene: after a long day at work, you’ve decided to unwind and do some baking when you’re half way through a recipe and realize that you’re all out of milk. There’s nothing more annoying, right? Faced with that situation how many of us have thrown a coat over our pyjamas and made a mad dash to the garage in the pouring rain? Now there’s another option. JUST MILK.

JUST MILK, combines all the benefits of fresh milk with the convenience of UHT, which makes it ideal for baking. Available from Sainsbury’s and Tesco supermarkets, JUST MILK comes in a handy 6 pack and with a 3 month expiry date it can be stored in the kitchen cupboard, until you’re ready for it to take its rightful place in the fridge.

Available in skimmed, semi skimmed and whole milk varieties, JUST MILK contains no additives or preservatives and contains the same amount of calcium as fresh milk. The taste is so creamy and so delicious that many people actually choose to move down a fat level, which is good news for health conscious bakers.

And as JUST MILK is one of the official sponsors of National Baking Week (17th- 23rd October) we’ve got some inspiring recipe ideas for using this fab ingredient. We say give it a try in your home baking favourites and discover the delicious creamy taste for yourself!

Spice things up with TABASCO® sauces

Here at Baking Mad, we love experimenting with new flavours in the kitchen and this week we’ve been trying out TABASCO® hot pepper sauces. 

Ok, so we might not be adding a dash of TABASCO® to our cupcake mix, but the pepper sauces taste great when used in cooking or as a food accompaniment. Naturally low in fat, they add flavour, without the calories and they’re also a fun way to put a contemporary twist on a classic recipe.

And it’s no wonder that TABASCO® sauces taste so good, the same family have been producing them for 140 years, perfecting the recipe and ensuring that each pepper is hand-picked for its quality.

Feeling inspired? Why not have a look at our recipe ideas and see how you can use TABASCO® sauces to liven up a homemade pizza.

For those who like to spice things up why not give our Mexican Taco pizza a go. The red pepper sauce gives the tomato base a real kick and this pizza is great for sharing with friends.  For those who prefer a milder taste, why not try our Double Cheese pizza recipe. The green pepper sauce is ideal for the more delicate palette because it gives the perfect punch of flavour, without being too hot.


A dash of TABASCO sauce will spice up your homemade pizza

Why don’t you have a go making one of these delicious pizza recipes, or alternatively try and come up with a few of your own? Don’t forget to post your efforts on our Facebook page- we’d love to see them!