Glace Icing

  • Total Time

  • Makes

    10 Fairy Cakes

Glace Icing is smooth, runny and glossy and is ideal for sponges, fairy cakes, biscuits, cookies and finger buns. It sets hard and so it also makes an ideal edible glue (for those fiddly Gingerbread Houses). 


  1. Sift the icing sugar into a bowl and gradually add the warm water until the icing becomes thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. If necessary, add more water (a drop at a time) or icing sugar to adjust the consistency.

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  1. 5 star rating

    It is great we put it in donuts and it was great!!

  2. 5 star rating

    Yummy 😋

  3. 4 star rating

    So yummy 😋

  4. 5 star rating

    I’m in school lol and I’m rating it ( stars so it gets attention

  5. 3 star rating

    I don't have icing sugar or water, what can I use instead?

    You do need icing sugar and water to make Glace icing, there is not an alternative unfortunately.

    Happy Baking!

  6. 5 star rating

    Absolutely Delicious with the Christmas cookies I made! So simple too, thank you!!

  7. 4 star rating

    Great I dyed mine a shade of lemon yellow

  8. 5 star rating


  9. 5 star rating

    So easy to follow and use

  10. 5 star rating

    Very good although I think you should add some cocoa powder to make chocolate icing...

    Five Stars!

  11. 5 star rating

    Works a treat😜😜

  12. 5 star rating

    I added a splash of lemon juice and a good sprinkle of cinnamon to my icing to swirl on the top of some Chelsea buns. Absolutely delicious!

  13. 5 star rating


  14. 5 star rating

    For those struggling with this recipe, I found a spoon was also helpful!

  15. 5 star rating

    Super easy and if you add a cap of vanilla extract it tastes even better

  16. 5 star rating


  17. 5 star rating

    It makes enough for 10 fairy cakes it says at the top. People need to read lol 😝

  18. 5 star rating


  19. 5 star rating

    Ok relax peeps this is the best icing recipe I have ever seen really easy and no gelitine or glicerine I just love it ok

  20. 5 star rating

    What on Earth is the problem. You need icing sugar n water, a bit at a time, too wet add sugar, too dry add water simples, wake up people, good recipe and sooooo easy

  21. 5 star rating

    Fantastic, absolutely spot on for icing cakes, add a few drops of lemon juice for a more runny consistency, perfect if you can bake and decorate cakes, know what your reviewing, it's a perfect recipe.

  22. 4 star rating

    We’re going to make cakes to day recipie sounds easy to make will review once made.Recipie sounds a bit weird tho.Other reviews are good.👍🏽

  23. 4 star rating

    It doesn't say how you make, just 1,you could say how much it will make
    We will be reviewing this recipe to add this in.
    Happy Baking!

  24. 5 star rating

    Yummy yum yum

  25. 5 star rating

    Blooming toats amaze

  26. 5 star rating

    Thanks for this - basic and worked

  27. 5 star rating

    I enjoyed just reading this comment section 🤣😂😅

  28. 5 star rating

    Does it make only one. This recipe is quick and thoughtful

  29. 5 star rating

    It amazing even though it was not thick at the start but it is yummy on my red velvet cake🧁🎂
    and it was easy

  30. 5 star rating

    just checked out reciepe as havent made, i call it water icing, for a while.
    Then looked at comments. some people should think before commenting.
    125 grams, not a lot of icing sugar, it doesent make enough, make some more. If to much spread on biscuits or bin, its not going to break the bank x
    5 stars, wha not to like, does whatit says on pkt

  31. 5 star rating

    I have not tried it but looks so easy🙂

  32. 5 star rating

    Really good recipe!! I use it a lot , there is no fuss about it at all x

  33. 5 star rating


  34. 5 star rating


  35. 4 star rating

    Was very happy with the outcome.

  36. 5 star rating

    A good recipe 😀

  37. 5 star rating

    Stop whining it was amazing

  38. 5 star rating

    To be fair, its mixing icing sugar and water, I cannot see the need to whinge about it, just use your brain and make more if there isn't enough.

  39. 5 star rating

    easy to make and tastes incredible overall a really good recipe.

  40. 5 star rating

    Easy but effective
    5 stars from me

  41. 5 star rating

    So good I made it for my cousins birthday

    Thank you

  42. 5 star rating


  43. 5 star rating

    I really struggled with these instructions, too complex, too much technical language for me!

  44. 1 star rating

    I don’t have icing sugar and how much does it make ??

  45. 5 star rating

    Extremely easy to make. I used this recipe to make iced biscuits with rich tea biscuits and made 15 with some spare icing left to eat alone. 5 stars from me 👍

  46. 5 star rating

    Brilliant cant see what all the moaning is about though

  47. 5 star rating

    Brilliant my kids can’t wait to come home to fresh baked lemon cake with this delicious 2 step icing sugar mix recipe . A definite yes from me and the rest of Afghanistan.

  48. 1 star rating

    It says it makes 1. Makes 1 one? 1 batch or???
    ___________________________________________________It means make one bowl

  49. 5 star rating

    It worked great would help if you could say how much it would cover but you could also use your brain and just add more icing sugar and water

  50. 5 star rating

    Iced 10 fairy cakes without problem. Super simple

  51. 5 star rating


  52. 5 star rating

    Quick and easy

  53. 5 star rating

    Simple, yet delicious. Perfect.

  54. 5 star rating

    Needed the proportions of water and icing sugar. Perfect, thanks!

  55. 1 star rating

    It doesn’t say how many cupcakes it would cover?

  56. 1 star rating

    No point giving sugar weight and quantity of water without telling us how much icing this makes, eg how many fairy cakes it would cover.

  57. 4 star rating

    its tastes very good and was so quick to make and very tasty to eat

  58. 3 star rating

    I was surprising my sister with a cake and this really helped

  59. 3 star rating

    You need to put a lot more water in for it to work

  60. 4 star rating

    Great. Recipie

  61. 5 star rating

    very good for making cakes when you are in a hurry

  62. 5 star rating

    Love it
    But my fairy cakes were cold and I don’t know if it will stick on to it.

  63. 5 star rating

    Needed the ratio for the icing quick for a slice I had made. Perfect icing thank you

  64. 5 star rating

    Made this morning I was in a hurry and wanted to know instantly the ratio for making the glacé icing, so looked up, made and drizzled it over my slice all done and on my way for a morning tea. Thank you

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