Potato Pastry by The Hairy Bikers

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This pastry is delicious and lower in calories than ordinary pastry made with all flour. This recipe features in The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie recipe book. 


  1. First make some mash. Peel the potatoes and cut them into chunks of about 3cm. Put them in a large saucepan, cover with cold water and bring to the boil. Cook for 10–15 minutes or until very tender. Drain the potatoes in a colander, tip them back into the saucepan and leave them to dry out for a while – the drier
    they are the better. Mash until smooth – don’t add any butter or milk – and leave to cool.

    • 275g Floury Potatoes (Maris Pipers or King Edwards)
  2. To make the pastry, rub the butter into the flour in a bowl, then add 200g of cooled mash and a tablespoon of the milk. Season with a pinch of salt. Work everything together into a dough, handling it as lightly as possible. If it’s too dry, add a touch more milk, but only a teaspoon at a time.

    • 40g Butter (Chilled, Diced)
    • 1 tbsp Semi Skimmed Milk
    • 80g Plain White Flour
    • Pinch of Salt
  3. When you have a smooth dough, roll it into a ball, cover it with cling film and chill for at least half an hour before using.

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  1. 5 star rating

    Haven’t made it yet but can I add cheese to the mixture , sounds great

  2. 5 star rating

    Great when used for mini quiches. Made up to 4.

  3. 1 star rating

    Would have been useful to have temperature and timings for the recipe.


    The idea behind the recipe is to follow the instructions of what you are actually baking. This recipe is just for the pastry dough.
    Happy Baking!

  4. 1 star rating

    275g of potatoes once peeled and chopped did not produce 200g mash so I had to make more, and even without the milk was too wet to roll out as pastry. Suggestions as to where I'm going wrong very welcome!

  5. 5 star rating

    Just made with instant mash as short of potatoes seems to work the same

  6. 5 star rating

    Yet to try but grateful for recipe

  7. 5 star rating

    Looks like another good idea from Si and Dave
    Their recipes work properly

  8. 5 star rating

    Kids don't like eating potatoes, except crisps and other junk form of potato. Used it as pastry topping and it worked a treat especially with gluten free flour.

  9. 5 star rating

    I love this and have used it but always on the day. Does it freeze?

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