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Pancakes, the Ultimate Guide

With Pancake Day fast approaching, it’s time to stock up on flour, eggs and milk. Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday is the traditional feast day in February or March before the start of lent on Ash Wednesday. Shrove Tuesday was the last opportunity to use up eggs and fats before embarking on the Lenten fast and pancakes are the perfect way of using up these ingredients! We’ve looked for pancake inspiration across the world and brought you some simple recipes to follow – so why not mix it up this pancake day with these tried and tested favourites.

Basic pancakes

Basic Pancakes


Using just 3 core ingredients, it’s easy to see why so many people love this basic pancake recipe.

Top Tip: Don’t over mix the batter. When you mix the wet and dry ingredients together, gluten starts to develop. Overworked batter means you end up with chewy tough pancakes instead of light and fluffy ones.



American style pancakes

American Pancakes


Once you’ve mastered the basics, the sky is really the limit. Let’s head over the pond to our friends in America. With a few more ingredients, these pancakes are as fluffy and light as clouds. To achieve the ultimate American pancake dream, stack these high and pour some maple or golden syrup on top.

Don’t forget! It’s important to let your pancake batter rest. This allows pancakes to be softer and more tender.


Crepe Suzette

Crepe Suzette


If you prefer a thinner style pancake, then try making crepes. These originated in France and are usually served as a dessert. If you’re feeling brave, flambé these with some brandy for the ultimate in pancake showstopper.

Remember: High heat doesn’t make pancakes cook faster, it cooks them unevenly and makes them more likely to burn whist the inside remains raw. Keep the heat to medium so they turn golden brown on the outside and they’re cooked on the inside




Dutch Baby 2 (web)

Dutch Baby


A Dutch baby pancake is sometimes called a German pancake. It’s normally served for breakfast and is seasoned with vanilla and nutmeg/cinnamon. It looks like a cross between a Yorkshire pudding and a pancake and it is baked in a metal or cast iron pan in the oven. You can serve it with freshly squeezed lemon, icing sugar, topped with fruit or syrup.



Smoked Salmon Blini

Smoked Salmon Blini


Celebrating their 1000th birthday – these delectable small pancakes originated in Russia. Traditionally served with jam or honey you will now see them classically served with sour cream and smoked salmon at dinner parties, but they don’t need to be saved for special occasions. Try whipping up a batch for a well deserved brunch.





Scotch Pancakes with Raspberries and Chocoalte

Scotch Pancakes with Raspberries and Chocolate



Also known as drop scones, these pancakes are smaller than their American or English counterparts. They are served with Jam and cream traditionally, but we just adore it with raspberries and chocolate sauce – pure indulgence!



Whichever pancakes you choose to make, why not share your images with us on Facebook? You could be in with a chance of winning Baker of the Month!

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